Sam is the quintessential renaissance man. This is a conceptual artist whose skill is entirely natural and believes his unique style is the result of his lack of formal training. Sam finds the visualization of a sculpture as natural as the act of breathing. He trained as a scientist, dentist and is a published author, novelist and an accomplished photographer.

Sculpting gives meaning to my life and tranquillity to my soul.

My sculptures are the result of keen observation and meditation.

I use clean lines and simple shapes to distil the essence of a complex subject. The Last Supper is one such example.

The source of much of my inspiration comes from my travels and the rich history of Art in Asia, Africa and Europe has influenced my choice of subject.

I am passionate about colour and movement and forge these together with form and texture to breath life and meaning into my creations. Some have an ethereal quality, appearing to defy gravity while others celebrate the joy of life and our ever-changing world.

I try to pose questions or make statements to add yet another dimension to my work.

I have embraced modern technology and amalgamated it with traditional techniques to create art that pushes the boundaries of visual perception and provokes an emotion.

Sculptures by sam umaria



Sam was born in Mumbai, India in 1956. At the age of 5 he moved to Kenya and then to the UK when aged 12.

His fascination and love for art grew from an early age progressing from painting to sculpture and photography. As a child nothing was more absorbing or fulfilling as creating forms with plasticine, plaster of Paris and clay.

At a sculpture studio next to his primary school in Mumbai he would watch in awe as master artisans released the forms of Ghandi, Nehru and others from their marble and granite prisons.

He taught himself sculpture at A-level as the course was not available at his school in Hove (UK).

Sam conquered his dyslexia and chose to read Biochemistry at the University of Sheffield gaining an honours degree and then went on to graduate as a dentist from the University of London.

To help pay his way through university Sam designed jewellery which he calls his mini sculptures.

15 years ago the smouldering embers of his creative passion burst into flame and since then he has worked as a sculptor.

He is an accomplished photographer.


Sam looks at the world through open eyes and unconstrained mind. This approach helps him to absorb that which has gone before and to create something very unique now.


1997 - TV1 - Nightline. New Zealand
2002 - Asia Down Under. TV1. New Zealand
2002 - New Zealand Herald. New Zealand
2003 - Home and Entertaining. New Zealand
2007 - Asia Down Under. TV1, New Zealand
2007 - Alsace News. France
2008 - Alsace News. France
2008 - Christchurch News Paper. New Zealand.

Public Works

Public Works: Faith - (2008) Christchurch, New Zealand.


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Classical Oriental Sculptures Fabricated or Forged Metal Abstract sculpture Glass or Acrylic Transparant Sculptures Interior Indoors Inside Sculpture Suspended Sculptures or Statues or Statuettes Wall Mounted or Wall Hanging sculpture Abstract Modern Contemporary statues sculpture statuary Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculptures Minimalist Understated Abstract Contemporary Sculpture statuary statuettes Organic/Abstract Sculpture Small /Little Abstract Contemporary sculptures/statues Awards, Trophies, Presentations and Prizes Sculptures Indoors Inside Sculpture Interior Presentations & Prizes sculptures Sculptures of Sport in General Small/Little Figurative sculpture/statuette/ statuary/ornament/figurine Sport sculpture Athletes Athletics Runners Cyclists Hurdlers Sprinters High Jumpers, Throwers Putters Male Men Youths Masculine statues sculptures statuettes figurines Stick Like Sculpture or statues or statuettes or Figurines Abstract Contemporary Modern Outdoor Outside Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary Abstract Plants Fruits Trees Leaves Flowers statues sculptures Colourful Polychrome Sculpture Multi-Coloured Statues statuettes statuary Biblical Character or Thing sculpture Statues Statuettes Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines Figurative Abstract Modern or Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuary statuettes figurines Human Form: Abstract Sculptures Sensual sculptures or statues Humorous Witty Amusing Lighthearted Fun Jolly Whimsical Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines Nudes, Female Sculptures Plaques, Medals, Medalions, Coins, Tokens, Commemorative Customised Commission or Bespoke Pop Art Sculpture Flamboyant Colourful Exuberant Exotic Gaudy Gorgeous Decorative Vivid Brightly Coloured Spectacular Sculptures Religious Sculpture Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures Stylized People Sculptures Conversation Piece, People sitting or Standing Chatting sculpture statue Small bird sculptures Stylised Birds sculptures/statues/statuary/ornaments figurines/statuettes Wedding Anniversary Gift or Present sculptures statues statuettes Abstract Woman Female Lady Girl sculpture statue Madonna and Child Mary and Jesus Sculptures Statues carvings statuettes Mother and Child, the Madonna, mother and children Sculptures Parent - Child Sculpture


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Abstract Indoor Egg Shaped sculpture Abstract Interior sculpture Abstract Symbolic statues Indoor Abstract sculpture Indoor sculpture Inside Abstract sculpture Internal Battle Abstract statue Light & Dark Abstract statue Abstract statue of Sport Fencers Abstract sculpture Metal sculpture of Sport Semi-Abstract Fencers sculptures Semi-Abstract Fencers statue Small Abstract Figurative Fencers sculpture Small Abstract Sport sculptures Small Metal Fencers Abstract statue Abstract Minimalist Sport sculpture Human form Abstract sculpture Javelin Thrower sculpture Javelin Thrower statue Javelin Thrower statues sculpture of Sportsmen Semi-Abstract Javelin Thrower sculpture Semi-Abstract Male sculpture Sporting sculptures Abstract Beautiful Face sculptures Abstract Faces statues Abstract Females Interior sculptures Abstract Woman Face sculptures Coloured Red Inside statues Indoor Contemporary Bust statue Minimalist Female Form statues Semi Figurative Face sculptures Abstract Eve sculptures Abstract Female sculpture Abstract Sex statues Bronze Abstract Figurative sculptures Garden Eve sculpture Human Form Abstract Eve sculpture Metal Abstract Figurative Eve sculpture sculpture of Women Semi-Abstract Eve sculpture Abstract Minimalist statue Abstract Nude Torso sculptures Figurative Nude Abstract sculpture Figurative statue Human form Abstract statue Indoor Nude Abstract sculpture Indoor Nude statue Minimalist Nude Indoor sculpture Abstract Last Supper sculptures Abstract Last Supper statue Indoor Abstract Spiritual sculpture Indoor Metal Religious sculptures Last Supper Abstract statues Last Supper Modern sculpture Last Supper Representational statue Modern Last Supper statues Abstract Lying Female sculptures Abstract Woman sculpture Abstract Woman statue Contemporary Female Metal statue Human Figurative sculpture Human form sculpture Minimalist Abstract Woman sculptures Reclined Figure statue Abstract Bird sculpture Abstract Dove sculpture Contemporary Little Birds sculpture Contemporary Small Birds sculpture Courting Doves sculpture Pair of Doves sculpture Semi-Abstract Doves statuette Small Contemporary Dove sculpture Small Doves statue Madonna and Child Abstract sculptures Madonna and the Baby Jesus sculptures Modern Bronze Metal Madonna sculptures Modern Madonna and Child statues Modern Madonna and Jesus statues Parent and Child sculptures The Holy Madonna and Infant Jesus statues Abstract Infinity statues Abstract Sport sculpture Wrestling Abstract Sporting sculptures Abstract Sporting statues for Sale Bronze Wrestlers statues Human form Abstract sculptures Small Abstract Wrestlers sculptures Small Bronze Wrestlers sculptures