myles mansfield

This artist accepts commissions

Mediums Used

Myles works with recycled steel, cutting up objects into smaller pieces then organically “growing” them into new sculptural forms. He always aims to portray movement, attempting to catch the moment of action in each piece.

I am fascinated by the creation of three dimensional pieces of art through the re-purposing of scrap metal artefacts, either in whole or part. I like to explore the way that moments can be brought to life in a piece of sculpture by the careful choice of pose and form.

Sculptures by myles mansfield




2016 Collaborated with another artist to create the Hoarding Project at the Leonard Charles Building in Swansea featuring painted iconic scenes from Swansea in a street art style for Morganstone and Coastal Housing


Created welded steel large-scale sculptures of various insects for Dr Beynon`s Bug Farm in St David`s Pembrokeshire, culminating in two day residency.

2017 Created sculpture for Burryport community heritage project culminating in open day supervising public project cladding of sculpture in scrap materials.

2017 Created large sculpture of honey bee from scrap metal for the Pollinators Project at the National Botanical Garden of Wales. Exhibitor and Workshop Leader.
2018 "from the Station to the Sea" project Swansea, won commission to create artwork for High Street shop front.

Public Works

Commissioned to create 3 pieces of public art to highlight the plight of insects affected by modern farming methods for
Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm in St Davids and The National Botanic Garden of Wales. His First World War Soldier sculpture was used in the series of commemorative performances in september 2018 for the Now The Hero events in Swansea put together by the artist Marc Rees.


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