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Gregory Macmillan is an artist and designer based in Chester, Cheshire, UK.

Extensive experience and production in several fields; focus coming from the two ends of the spectrum: digital art in several manifestations, and the extremely hands-on work of sculpture.

My work as a whole is about Energy. Also known as the Life Force, or indeed God. It has taken many forms, but the current main focus, in sculpture, carries with it the energy of significance in terms of high culture, and personal, emotional expressiveness.

Sculptures by gregory macmillan


In Sculpture, we begin at the source: Egypt.

They so arranged matters that the object was, at the same moment both a human and of a god; and the Egyptian Canon of ideal proportions, and an individual person. Both an object and something more than an object; the vehicle for spirit.
One of the world`s great sculptures is the head of Nefertiti, at Berlin. Both regal dignity writ large, and a completely individual likeness and of all the time, all the many cultures between the High New Kingdom and our own age.
We still have much to learn.


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