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Life Size Older Retriever Family Pet Portrait Sculpture by Animal Sculptor Tanya Russell, MRBS. Friendly Happy Lifelike Standing Attentive Realistic Limited Edition Bronze Resin Statue Golden Retriever Dog commissions for sale.

This editioned sculpture is made from bronze resin, making it robust, weather-resistant, and suitable for outdoor display.

This sculpture is also available in foundry bronze metal for £8,280.

Material explained: Bronze metal powder is mixed with a resin to make the bronze resin material, which has the appearance of foundry bronze metal. This process creates a material that is more affordable and lightweight, but which can fracture with a heavy impact (unlike the stronger foundry bronze metal).

The beautiful bronze sculpture is a casting of an original sculpture. It is hand cast by a British foundry or resin caster and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. This is an original foundry or resin casting of the sculptor`s work that she has personally approved.

Artist Comment

This Golden Retriever sculpture was modelled on a beautifully mild and friendly retriever named Daisy. Daisy was commissioned in 2016 along with her companion Blossom, a Maltese Terrier. I visited Daisy and took lots of photographs of her in a variety of poses, watching her expressions and mannerisms, and hearing about the way she behaves at home with her family. After that, with her owners, I decided which pose would suit her best, then proceeded to model Daisy in clay. Once I’d sculpted Daisy a rubber mould was taken, with ‘keys’ placed in the rubber to ensure proper positioning. Then a shell of fibreglass was applied, to protect the mould and support it during the casting process. Both Daisy and Blossom were commissioned in Foundry Bronze and were originally cast at Milwyn Foundry in Surrey, using the lost wax method. This involves painting wax into the mould and rotating it to achieve an even coating. The wax is inspected and worked (or ‘chased’) until the seam lines are removed and the artwork is ready to be cast in bronze metal. Wax rods (‘sprues’) are attached along with a cup, into which the molten bronze will eventually be poured. The wax will then be covered with a ceramic shell by dipping it into a liquid binder solution (called ‘slurry) and applying a fine silica sand. Several coats are applied and allowed to dry between coatings. The shell is then placed in an oven and the wax melts out. The hollow shell is now inspected for cracking. Bronze ingots are now heated to a high temperature, then the molten bronze is poured into the hollow ceramic shell and allowed to cool and solidify. The ceramic shell is removed (or ‘devested’), and sometimes a water or sand blaster will be used to remove shell from any intricate detailing. Usually larger sculptures will have been sectioned into multiple pieces. These are now carefully reassembled and welded together. Care is taken to align them correctly and repair any surface defects. The sculpture is then polished to remove any sign of welding and prepare the bronze for colouring. The finished colour (the ‘patina’) is created using a variety of different chemicals, depending on how I want the finished artwork to look. Finally, the sculpture is sealed with wax or lacquer to protect the finish.
x 87cm
x 78cm
x width
x height
Indoors & Outdoors

Golden Retriever (Wagging Lifelife Bronze resin sculpture)

by Tanya Russell
x 87cm
x 78cm
x width
x height


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    All the sculptures on the website are described by the Artists themselves stating the materiel they are made from and their dimensions. If they are stated to be suitable for outdoors they have a guarentee of 10 years subject to the effects of weathering which will alter their colour and finish over the years unless you give them  regular cleaning and maintenance. For instance Bronze and to a lesser extent bronze resin/cold cast bronze will aquire a green patina, usually rather sought after and all could attract moss  lichen and a greeny pollen especially under trees which should be removed regularly with warm water and washing up liquid.
    Iron and steel will oxidise(rust ) and this falls outside our guarentee.
    Organic materiel like wood, bark willow is variable and depends to a great extent on where it is sited and you should discuss any guarentee direct with the Artist as this too falls outside our Guarentee.

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