william lazard

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Mediums Used

Will Lazard The gentle giant of the sculpture world, whose life-size and powerful work reflects his inner calm. A member of the Surrey Sculpture Society, and teacher and lecturer on sculpting.

Sculptures by william lazard



Bill Lazard attended Camberwell School of Art where he studied painting and drawing, lithography, sculpture, lettering and deneral design. He worked part time at the Royal College of Art following his studied at Camberwell. Bills teaching of Art following his studies at Camberwell. Bills teaching experience is wide and varied having taught painting, sculpture design and technologhy and the Welsh language.

Public Works

William Lazard`s Commissioned work on permanent display can be seen in the following locations.

Ysgol y Pedol, Cwmamman, South Wales, Malmesbury Abbey Gardens, Wiltshire, Noddy Park Cemetery, East Grinstead, Saint Bernards Church, Lingfield and the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, near Hampton Court.

Teaching Experience
William Lazard`s full time teaching career began in schools in Bromley, Kent. He was involved in poineering work in association with Goldsmiths College and the Royal College of Art in developing the philosophy and practice of Design and Technology in schools. After retiring from full time education in 1993, he now focuses his attention on his creative work of painting and sculpture, though he still teaches adults on a part time basis.
Public Acquisitions
Bills Lazard`s work is in private collections in the UK, America, Canada, France and Germany.