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Academy Award winning artist Wesley Wofford, FNSS is an American Figurative Sculptor born in 1972. His monumental installations and portraits can be found in both Public and Private locations throughout the United States. Wesley has gallery representation worldwide, and his sculpture is recognized on an international level with various awards and publications celebrating and featuring his work. His style emphasizes the sculptor’s presence characterized by a dynamic use of form and texture. Wesley’s monuments provoke passionate responses and he is known for his intimate, emotionally charged portraits.

Wofford grew up in a rural town in Georgia and displayed artistic talent at an early age that was recognized and nurtured by his mother. She enrolled him in private art lessons very early, and he continued to develop his skills of drawing and sculpting throughout his childhood. His father taught him a rigorous work ethic and home construction skills, and those combined with the artistic training from various teachers gave him the foundational skills later needed to become a professional sculptor. He attended Valdosta State University on a competitive art scholarship for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, but grew restless and left with his Associates Degree to attend The Institute of Studio Makeup in Hollywood, CA. Upon graduation, he began working in the Motion Picture and Television Industry, and quickly rose in the ranks of the industry with his own silicone prosthetic techniques. In 2004, he won an Emmy from The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and in 2005 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded him a Technical Achievement Academy Award for his groundbreaking and now industry standard contributions. He received numerous other awards and accolades for his decade of work on over 75 projects in the film industry.

In 2002 he moved to the mountains of North Carolina with his family to pursue Fine Art Sculpture full time.  Odyssey Wofford, who was raised in Sandy Springs Georgia, is his Studio Director, and the couple operates Wofford Sculpture Studio from a ridge-line overlooking the National Forest. Wesley curated a Permanent Collection and three Biennial Invitational Exhibitions within The Village Green-a 12 acre park near his home as well as serving as a Board Member and President. He also curated an Inaugural Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition and served on the Board of Directors at The Bascom in Highlands, NC. In 2011 he became an Elected and Voting Member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He was elected to The Portrait Sculptors Society of the Americas and Signature Status Member of The Portrait Society of America. In 2016, Wesley was elected a Fellow in the National Sculpture Society, a distinguished honor in his field, and is currently on the Board of Directors.

His monumental installations and portraits can be found in numerous locations throughout the United States including the Dorchester County Courthouse (Cambridge, Maryland), The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (Durham, NC), Nebraska State Capitol (Lincoln, NE), and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Burbank, CA). Wofford’s 9 foot Harriet Tubman Monument “The Journey to Freedom” was featured on the cover of the Fall 2020 Issue of Sculpture Review Magazine and is currently touring the country as a traveling exhibition.

“I think the greatest sculpture collections have a variety of styles and mediums as well as subject matter. A well-rounded collection is both aesthetically pleasing and creates an interactive timeline of the evolution of sculptural thought. The collector is stimulated by the contrast of one style to the next and their collection reflects the evolving nature of the word ‘sculpture’. I think a great classically inspired figurative piece becomes all the more emotionally powerful when juxtaposed amongst more contemporary, abstracted pieces. As a result of these thoughts, I have endeavored to create this contrast within one cohesive body of work.”

“With my more classically inspired pieces, I translate the experience of what it is to be a human animal in a secular society—exploring themes that are basic and primal as well as emotionally complex. These compositions contain a deeper emotional content and explore specific feelings and sentiments.”

“My more abstracted figurative pieces speak in a more ‘modern’ voice and engage the viewer to relate to the larger abstraction of the human condition. They also create the contrasting aesthetic dialogue within a collection. They are dynamic and passionate, exploring more bold color and producing a rhythmic movement of form and texture.”

“Furthermore, I think most viewers today can ‘timestamp’ a sculpture to within several decades of its creation by referencing a sort of culturally ingrained catalog that chronicles the evolution of sculpture over that last 500 years. I am exploring the concept of obscuring the ‘timestamp’ on my sculpture, so its origins aren’t as transparent to the viewer. By producing and exhibiting alternative finishes on the same sculpture you invariably remove the decade or art movement in which it seemed to be created. This ‘timestamp’ also becomes more ambiguous when these color variations are exhibited alongside the two contrasting styles within the larger body of my work.”

Sculptures by Wesley Wofford



Jeffrey Carlson Reporting
Editor, Fine Art Today

Figurative sculptor Wesley Wofford is committed to capturing the extremes of joy and pain that mark human life.

A solo exhibition for figurative sculptor Wesley Wofford is entering its final weeks. "Beneath the Surface" will remain on view at The Bascom: A Center for Visual Arts in Highlands, North Carolina, through August 17.

"Beneath the Surface" features recent figurative sculptures in bronze, clay, and polyester. The artworks on view act as a tour of humanity`s emotional journey, as the artist reflects on the vicissitudes of life through his work. Wofford`s figures are contorted and distorted, while agonizing or ecstatic expressions give them a powerful draw. For this exhibition, eerie music and low lighting complement the gripping psychological drama that unfolds in Wofford`s sculpture.

Wofford finds profundity and honesty in capturing the range of emotions that define human existence. "The beauty of life is the variety of experiences, and our existence is a struggle, both physically and mentally," writes the artist. "The rhythms of joy and melancholia are what define the human experience. But the pressures of modern society are trying to limit our conversation to focus only on what is positive or socially acceptable. Without the agitations of the soul to contrast them, there are no beautiful experiences. It is the tragedies and struggles that create the radiance of the positive moments, and through these we become more humble and grateful for the splendor that surrounds us."

Wesley Wofford is a member of the National Sculpture Society and the Portrait Society of America. He has received wide recognition for his work, most recently winning an Exceptional Merit Award in the 2014 Portrait Society of America International Portrait Competition.

Jose Villarreal Reporting
Editor, ArtDaily

HIGHLANDS, NC.- The Bascom: A Center for the Visual Arts is presenting the vision of Wesley Wofford as seen through the sculptures of his solo exhibition: ‘Beneath the Surface’. Sallie Taylor, Director of Exhibitions, states “Following in historical tradition, Wesley Wofford uses the human figure to consider emotional issues that, for the most part are either polarized in the public media, medicated to dullness, or ‘swept under the carpet’. This exhibition is presented in a powerful quietness that is certain to move a response from the viewer.” The show stresses the need for balance within our psyches, and confronts the notion that we are to be ‘forever happy and occupied’. It features twelve figurative works in various mediums and finishes from bronze to polyester to bonded marble. The centerpiece is the tragic piece, ‘The Sacrifice’, an 8-foot monumental sculpture that took a year and a half to complete. Wofford states “This sculpture is a reflection of how the decisions we make in modern society can affect the future and sometimes even the lives of children. The sculpture applies to many modern day issues, and war, poverty, predators, abuse, child labor, abortion, climate change, and national deficit, are just a few examples. But as I was working on the piece and contemplating all of the different culturally ingrained aspects of modern society that potentially have a negative impact on children, there were multiple school shootings across America. This affected me deeply, and definitely permeated into the composition.” In the sculpture, the oversized hand is a metaphor for an alter, but also represents us-the adults-and our decisions, many of which aren’t even choices but are just accepted as part of modern life, with the long term consequences never really being considered. Upon entering the exhibition, the viewer is instantly emotionally engaged by the colossal piece across the black infinity pool that is centered in the room. Dramatic lighting and ethereal music, which is barely audible at points and rises to a crescendo, creates a compelling atmosphere of quiet contemplation. The varying patinas and finishes compliment one another and visually moves the viewer through the room to encounter the centerpiece on a more intimate level. One work, “American Love”, displayed in clay because there was not time to go through the molding and casting processes, was a last minute addition to the show. It is a guttural reaction by the Sculptor as a result of the multiple school shootings that occurred while working on the monumental ‘Sacrifice’ piece. “This piece reflects my anger towards the gun culture in America, and the fact that it has literally become a part of us”, Wofford says. Another work, “Contemporary Struggle”, explores the evolution of sculpture and how abstraction and non- representation are built on the foundations of the figurative tradition but are now threatening the relevance of figurative sculpture in the modern art scene. “Generation X”, an abstracted figure embracing a smartphone, speaks of how during the course of our lives smart phones and computers have become intrinsic to society. And “Surrender” confronts the vilification of nudity in American sculpture, which is widely accepted in public in European art but has never really been accepted in the United States. Wesley Wofford is a classically inspired figurative artist with a contemporary edge that produces sculpture that speaks in an enduring yet modern voice. His sculptural style enlivens the surfaces with rhythm and textures that emphasizes the sculptor’s presence. Wofford presents his figures in two modes of expression: one very classically inspired and the other more contemporary and abstracted. The ‘modern’ works are more loose and dynamic, often presented with more bold colors and materials, creating a contrasting aesthetic dialogue within a collection. The juxtaposition of the two contrasting styles invites the viewers to relate very old ideas to their own lives, and to realize that a lot of the issues of humankind are timeless, but there are also many new issues that are specific to living in the 21st Century.

American Art Collector
November 2014

Wofford’s large- and monument-size bronzes often feature struggling, or pained figures in agonizing depictions of turmoil, or perhaps rebirth. In Yin/Yang, male and female, black and white, swoop against each other in arched repose. His theme is rendered literally in Contemporary Struggle, featuring a male figure crouched underneath a massive abstract convergence of metal and mass. Timothy Smith, gallery director at Sirona Fine Art, says Wofford’s works are complexly rendered and evoke large ideas. “When artists pursue the task of working in a realistic or representational matter, it can be a challenge to capture the veracity of the real world, while at the same time creating interesting images, all without losing the personal thumbprint of
the artist,” Smith says. “Wesley Wofford’s personality and hand are visibly present in the surface textures and compositional displays of his complex, thoughtful bronzes. Wofford produces grand themes alongside portraits, animals and figures infused with his own distinctive energy, form and surface. Wofford is one of the most genuine artists I have worked with, his sincerity and intent of purpose visible in all aspects of his sculpture.”

Public Works

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics- Durham, NC

Dorchester County Circuit Court- Cambridge, MD
Church of the Good Shepherd- Cashiers, NC

Harriet Tubman The Journey to Freedom— Dallas, Texas 

Dr. Li Wenliang- Dallas, Texas
First Baptist Church- Social Circle, GA

Nebraska State Capitol- Lincoln, NE
Wade Hampton Golf Club-Cashiers, NC
The Summer Chapel-Cashiers, NC
Clemson University- Clemson, SC
Columbus State University- Columbus, GA
Nebraska State Capitol- Lincoln, NE
The University of Georgia-School of Veterinary Medicine- Athens, GA
The Southern Highlands Reserve- Lake Toxaway, NC
Emmy Hall of Fame- North Hollywood, CA
The University of Nebraska- Lincoln, NE
Sculpture for New Orleans- New Orleans, LA
Intercontinental Hotels Group Corporate Headquarters- Atlanta, GA
Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce- Lone Pine, CA
Holiday Inn- Multiple Locations Nationwide
Holiday Inn Club Vacations- Kissimmee, FL
The Village Green- Cashiers, NC
Kemmons Wilson, Inc.- Memphis, TN
Summit Charter School- Cashiers, NC
Wake Forest-Rolesville High School- Wake Forest, NC
Frontier Motel- Lone Pine, CA
Dawghouse Grill- Savannah, GA


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