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Toma Nenov (Тома Ненов) sculptures in Bronze and Ceramics. and has Unique Style that is all his own a strong abstract architectural streak combined with beautifully detailed and powerful human anatomy.

Toma Nenov`s Statement.
Probably among the biggest cosmic entertainments is the adventure to live on the Earth. Numerous combinations of states of life are raised by the giant contradiction between YES and NO. The most important of them is represented by the subject of art. Through it our ideas and dreams can be expressed. As well as the ideal of beauty may be materialized.
Here we are in the presence of the infinity. Every artist has only his power to transform themselves and their perceptions because the supporting point is in their psyche. The different levels of expression depend on life experience and acquired culture. The development of the character leads to bravery which helps to ignore generally accepted concepts. Giving new meaning to already existed rules allows to suggest other ideas which are more up to date.
Our multi-milliard being lives on the Earth. It evaluates, it develops through the clash of the different levels of intelligence and spirit. It lives in different geographic areas and is expressed by different cultures. The rationalization of their nature deepens the understanding of difference. Looking for the common origin, what causes this difference and how it is expressed in a unit, incited the artist to undertake an expedition in the debris of his psyche. He knew that he had knowledge which saw the difference as part of the unit. Only he had to master it and put it into practice.
The conscious beginning was at the age of 25. Philosophical sciences explained how the society is built but the seeker needed deeper information about himself and what constructed his nature. It was necessary to understand how the system called human functioned! It was necessary to embrace the nature of his spirit and find a new point of view. He had to give a chance to his mind to define himself.
The artist began to practice psychophysical system-yoga. His conscious work on his mind through meditation and following his spiritual mentor led to change. In the course of time practice transformed the perception of the world. We think that it is enough to be intelligent to understand but behind what we see there is something bigger and hard to feel.
The quality of perception depends on the energetic base of self-consciousness. Yoga science classifies the level of self-consciousness regarding the place which psychic energy (Kundalini) takes. It moves free in the cavity of spinal column and it is like a psychic power station on spiritual level. It reacts to individual spiritual virtues and is a prerequisite for expressing higher energetic spiritual levels. His behaviour defines in which psychic centre stays Kundalini. There are seven psychophysical centers. Depending on the centre which it is permanently situated, the conscious of the individual becomes full of energy and reorganized.
As a result of the evolutionary change of practicing yoga psychophysical techniques and other spiritual religious studies, mental blocks which up to that time were an obstacle for expressing the high energies are eliminated. Kundalini changed its permanent place. It enters in the next higher centre and changes the work frequency of this psychophysical centre (chakra). The individual reacts and thinks with new quality, percepts in an absolutely new way his inner psychic peace and the outside social world.
The artist registers these changes in his works of art. During the years his view of life changed. This led to a change in his style of expression.
In time his attention gradually was attracted to an energetic emission of one centre like a star which dominates with clarity and stability. His might keeps everything in harmony. He penetrated into the principle of existence of the Spiritual mind. He began to explore its profile and structure. A lot of time was necessary for the author to master the space, to explore and find the meaning. he was situated in a perfectly organized environment. Everything that here on the Earth looks separate and in contradiction there it was in a harmonic unit. The different forms which expressed various structures of thought were equally valued. Terms and forms had their place. The artist understood that the Spiritual mind was an integral part of the divine nature and an executor of its will. It was also the space where the art lived.
The spiritual mind has cosmic and human dimensions. It is the instrument which runs cosmic, life and social functions. It makes the connection between the divine and earth in our psyche.
When the artist embarked on this adventure, he can barely have imagined that one day he would work on this endless theme. The expressive forms which were necessary to be used set up in a strange way. The esthetic logic coming from the infinite structure of the Spiritual mind leads to compositional order in which all different forms expressed the different parallel psychic dimension. In this artist environment they were equally valued. Geometrical forms symbolize the basic elements: earth, fire, wind and water. The logic of their order expressed the hierarchical organization of thought. The power fields are presented in a moment when they transform the energetic body.
Ordering the esthetic categories in this way led to the clarity that the Spiritual mind may have a form irrespective of the energetic abstract terms.
Every psychic centre has its frequency and form of performance. It changes people?s view of life. When we talk about the different individual performances, in fact we talk about the different actions of the psychic centers of each of us. Their different development in time explains the diversity in our social society.

Sculptures by toma nenov



Toma Nenov was born in Bulgaria in 1955 and graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1984.

Personal exhibitions and participation in general exhibitions in different cities in Bulgaria (1984-1989).

Since 1990 the artist lives and works in Italy and participates in different exhibitions exposing his paintings. Personal exhibitions in Milan, Busto Arsizio, Rimini, Brescia, IT (1990-1996) ; Art Gallery, Gave Ligure, IT (1997) ; Art Gallery `Ollivella au Lag`, Morcote, CH (1998) ; participation at the International Fair of Modern Art -Turin, IT (2000).

In 2000 the Artist developed his collection of sculptures since then had numerous personal exhibitions (PE) and participations in different general exhibitions with his sculptures in bronze and ceramics.


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