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Originally from the Dorset coast, Stephen completed a degree in Fine Art, Sculpture and now lives with his family in rural Mid Wales where he creates bronze sculptures from his studio in the Tanat Valley. These works have a timeless quality, partly influenced by ancient art and artifacts as well as containing more contemporary references they attempt to make connections between our ancient neurological wiring and our modern existence. “21st century software running on a 10, 000 year old hard drive.”

Around 2005 I started working on a series of simplified animal forms which I had cast in bronze. Quite often the works start off as small outline drawings; these are worked and reworked to find the perfect image in terms of proportion, balance and character.
These sketches are drawn out into three dimensions, keeping the same outline profile and using subtle curves and rounded forms to contrast with harder defined edges to make this transition work. The surface is honed down creating a smooth skin emphasising the form.
Patination of the polished bronze surface creates a unique pigmented finish, an important factor in the success of each piece and plays a crucial part in completing the character of the sculpture.
With each different piece the aim is to create an object where the viewer is looking at the very essence of the animal.

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Upper palaeolithic cave art and tool making. Ice Age artefacts and portable art. Cycladic Art. African Boli Figures. British museum collections. Tribal artworks. Hand-held tools both ancient and modern. Egyptian hieroglyphics. Contemporary design.

Public Works

Dragon Screens: Cast bronze and fabricated stainless steel screen. Wrexham Borough Council, 2001
Series of Cast Bronze sculptural signage for the Ann Griffiths Walk in Montgomeryshire. 2005
Bronze Awards for Young Farmers: "Young Entrepreneur" 2006
Commissioned by Film maker Sean Harris to make a series of Wild Boar sculptures for his animated film "Y Twrch Trwyth". 2007
Bronze Awards for the Powys Eisteddfod. 2008.


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