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Artist Simone Wojciechowski with Wire horse

Self Taught Natural Ability Sculptress who exercises her obvious skill depicting the female form in all its alluring guises in Woven Wire unsullied by passed on preconceptions.

Sculpting is my absolute passion. I want to show the ability and beauty of wire, which I think, is much underrated. To take a piece of wire and turn it into a beautiful figure, gives me incredible joy.

My challenge always, is to fulfill the remit of not only creating a subject as a piece of sculpture that will make you stop, stand and stare, but also challenge.

Sculptures by simone wojciechowski


Simone Wojciechowski is a wire sculptor, working in galvanised steel, copper and brass wire.
Simone, was born in Berlin/ Germany, she moved to South Africa, Cape Town in 2005 where she worked till 2018 before moving back to her native Germany.
It was here where she met Painter and wire Sculptor Ismail Smith, who’s work inspired her. She discovered her gift and passion through his mentoring. As her confidents grew she found her own language and understanding of form. In 2014 her works attracted the attention of Theresa Wessels at Artvark Gallery. Since her work started selling the consistent quality of her pieces has created a steady demand for her work.
She choose the female form to express movement, form and motive. She has an incredible ability to transform wire into 3 dimensionality.
Her sculptures have an emotional quality that gives her wire figures life and energy. Her pieces, apart from their uniqueness, stand out on its own as a piece of contemporary art and that creates a space around them.
The sculptor’s passion is reflected in her beautifully thought out sculptures.
Her works are in private collections in the UK, US, Germany, Denmark and South Africa.


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