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He is the master portrayer of the modern liberated girl and somehow manages to capture spontaneity and all that is best in the body beautiful. In 2006 Infinity was chosen for the Roayl Academy Exhibition.

Sculptures by ronald cameron



Ronald Cameron is a Londoner of Scots extraction. He graduated from Camberwll art college in 1951 with a diploma in Sculpture Durring his long and successful professional career has have worked in many field of 3D art, producing sculpture commissions from life size bronzes to miniatures in gold and silver.

More recently he has conentrated his talents on the classical theme of the female nude figure, he presents this traditional subject on a modern manner designed to portray the poise and confidence on the dynamic young woman of today. Ronald Cameron now has an extablished international reputation, and his sculptures are widely collected. Currently he is exhibiting in the Alwin Gallery along-side other major sculptors such as Henry Moore and Elizabeth Frink. Many provincial galleries here and abroad also carry a selection of his work.

In September 1999 unitil the millennium he will be have an exhibition at the Bruton Street Gallery Mayfair.

Public Acquisitions
Private Commissions Reebok Commissions Cleveland Oil - Footballers Total Oil - Football figures Quaker Oats Kellogs.


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