regis chaperon

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Régis started working in stone at 17. His natural sensitivity for form led him to Carrara, Italy and later to the University of Valencia, where he became engaged with contemporary concepts of art. His sculptures are now in private collections in England, France and Spain. He has public work in Germany and Italy and has carried out public and private commissions worldwide. He has also become involved with urban and interior design, bringing together his artistic vision and his considerable technical knowledge of working with stone.

Régis Chaperon’s work has increasingly evolved from the figurative style to include abstraction and design. The pure and simple lines combine with the use of textures, creating contrasts between the polished finish and the natural break of the stone. Everything is aimed at revealing the beauty of the material, guided by fundamental concepts such as: dynamism and sensuality. It is important to Regis that his sculptures should be an approachable medium than everyone feels able to relate to.


Combining the ancient art of Japanese paper folding with the immutable nature of stone, French sculptor Régis Chaperon brings beauty and an unexpected twist to the folds of his elegant sculptures. Using pure and simple lines, the stone appears to have been carefully creased and bent, transformed into intricate works of art.

By continually exploring the geometric constraints within his work, Régis injects an utterly modern approach to stone sculpting with this unusual marriage: the delicacy and magic of origami, coupled with the meditative nobility of stone. The light and ephemeral casts of youth granted the weight and the dignity of age. The transitory transformed, and given the gift of permanence.

Sculptures by regis chaperon



1993 C.A.P (Certificat d?Aptitude Professionnelle) equivalent of NVQ
1996 P.O. (Promotion Ouvriere) Association Ouvriere des Compagnons du Devoir: Epone (78) Francia
1998 C.P.T. Training in black powder handling in quarry environment.
Chambre des M`tiers de l`Aveyron : Rodez (12)
1998 B.M. Brevet de Matrise (Thorie, practique y psychopdagogie
Institut Suprieur de recherche et de Formation aux matiers de la Pierre: Rodez (12).
2000-2001 Profesor en C.F.A: Centro de Formaci?n para aprendices A.O.C.D.T.F.: Association Ouvri?re des Compagnons Du Devoir du Tour de France. Francia
Equivalent of a stone masonry degree in the UK.
The degree include, drawing, one practical exercise, training of an apprentice.
2001-2003 I.P.I.A.M : Professional Institute for The Industry and Craft of Marble "Pietro Tacca?: Carrara (Italy). Marble Institute in Carrara
2001-2003 Free school of the human body. Fine Arts Academy: Carrara (Italy)
Nude and Anatomy school. Carrara
2004-2005 Fine Arts University of Valencia (Spain)
Following courses at the Valencia University. Arts dept.

Public Works

Public sculptures in Germany, France, England and Czech Republic
Medium and small size sculptures in England, Walles, New York and Spain.

Public Acquisitions
Régis` sculptures are now in private collections in England, France and Spain.
2010- Sculptural symposium BOTANIKA ORGANICA, Czech Republic 2009- XVI International Symposium of Stone Sculpture "Kunst in Stein" in Wunsiedel, Germany 2008- Symposium "Scultura Viva" XII San Benedetto dell Tronto, Italy 2005- XII International Symposium of Stone Sculpture "Kunst in Stein" in Wunsiedel, Germany 2004-Symposium 15th Int. Snow Sculpture Festival Innichen/St. Vigil (Italy)


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