raghavendra hedge

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Mediums Used

I have been trying to keep my art reflecting only the joys of life. Since my passion is also my livelihood, it is also my responsibility to take care that the greatness and the traditional values of these arts are not undermined in the pursuit for commercial success. I intend to live a life centered around art with a mind that is open to change and experimentation.

Sculptures by raghavendra hedge


Teaching Experience
R.V. Collage of architecture, Garden city collage and Wigan and Leigh College. Visiting faculty Bangalore, KA July 2006 to till date I have been working in the above mentioned colleges as visiting faculty for arts and design. I have been teaching basic of arts and design to the students and have been helping the students to bring out the intrinsic talent in the students.
Public Acquisitions
Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi. Garuda mall, Bangalore. Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore Ramachandrapur mutt, Hosanagara Shimoga. Rang sons Mysore South Central Zone Cultural Centre ? Nagpur (M.P.) Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore Mysore Association, Mumbai.


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