Masters Award, European Fine Art Winchester/Barcelona
Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Fine Art Greenwich
Bachelors Award, Fine Art St Albans

I Formally trained as a painter, but a chance sequence of events led me to sculpture. I realised then that my perception of space and movement was not a flat interpretation but something tangible, fluid but almost solid at the same time.

When I sculpt, I feel atoms and particles, the very essence of the material moving and assembling into order. In life I see these particles dancing and celebrating existence.
The building blocks of life are literally in my hands. Hard, rigid and seemingly unyielding sheets of metal, bent, folded, melted and formed into shape.

Like you, I am a product of millions of years of evolution, constructing and giving emotional values and labels to these particles.
Being able to recreate the incredible manifestations that life has evolved into is a most exciting feeling for me.
I have always had a fascination with animals and their environment, but this became heightened after living and working with communities in the Maasai Mara in Kenya and witnessing the fragility of it all. This inspires me to recreate endangered species. The painstaking detail is almost a kind of worship of the sheer beauty that abounds us.

Sculptures by piers mason



Art Consultant for income generating community projects in developing countries.
Voluntary Services Overseas, Project Director and facilitator of Vocational Arts and Craft project in disabled Primary/Secondary school in Kenya.
Founder, Director and Trainer of The Masaku Brand, Fair Trade community Art and Craft project empowering Maasai women in Kenya Massai Mara.
Visiting lecturer, University of Hertfordshire.

Public Works

Otter bench commission for Lag Wood, Hassocks, East Sussex

Public Acquisitions
Public/Private Commissions and Private collections Welsh Secretary of State Wangari Mathi Memorial (Nobel Peace prize winner) Dean of Hertfordshire University Head of dept World Bank Lewisham Borough Council, Glendale Park Management


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Abstract Fish statues Abstract Metal Marlin sculpture big game fish sculpture Contemporary Striped Marlin sculpture Leaping Marlin statue Life Size Fish statue Life Sized Marlin sculpture Modern Abstract Marlin statue Striped Marlin Leaping sculpture Bike Spoke Sculptures Cube Sculptures Focal Point Sculpture geometric art Geometric sculpture Indoor sculpture Mandala Art mandala sculpture Mandala sculptures recycled art recycled metal sculpture Square Sculpture wire sculpture Work Space Sculpture Abstract Insect Bug sculpture Large Lepidoptera sculpture Metal Big Moth statue Metal Moth sculptures Outsize Insect Bug sculpture outsize Insect Bug statue Outsize Moth sculpture Outsize Moth statue Oversize Moth statues Small Indoor Moth statuettes Abstract Leopard sculpture Contemporary Big Cat sculptures Contemporary Leopard statue Life Size Leopard statue Life Sized Leopard sculptures Prowling Big Cat statue Prowling Leopard sculptures Recycled Metal Leopard sculpture Upcycled Leopard statue Barn Owl statues bronze barn owl sculpture Metal Owl sculpture Owl Flying sculpture Owl Hunting sculpture Owl Hunting statue Owl on the Prowl statue Realistic Barn Owl sculpture Recycled metal statue Stainless Steel Owl statue Stainless Steel statue Beaten Copper salmon sculpture Big Leaping Salmon statue Atlantic Salmon statue Big Salmon Garden sculpture Contemporary Jumping Salmon statues Fabricated Fish sculpture Fish statues Large Salmon sculpture River Salmon statue Salmon Leaping sculpture Abstract Contemporary Salmon sculptures Contemporary Fish statues Fabricated Salmon sculpture Indoor Salmon sculptures Inside Lifesize Salmon statue Outdoor Metal Salmon sculptures Outside Salmon statues Swimming Fish statue Swimming Salmon sculpture Abstract Metal Animal sculpture Diving Sea Otter statue Life Size Otter Sculpture Life Size Otter Swimming statue Plunging Sea Otter sculpture Sea predator wildlife statues Swimming Big Otter sculpture swimming underwater in seaweed Bird of Prey sculpture Bird Wildlife sculptures Flying Osprey statue Hunting Osprey sculpture Hunting Raptor sculptures Hunting Sea Eagle statues Life Size Osprey sculpture Metal Bird Flying sculpture Osprey at the Kill statues Striking Osprey statue Life Size Turtle sculpture Lifelike Turtles sculptures Realistic Green Turtles sculpture Recycled metal Wild Life sculpture Swimming Green Turtles statues Swimming Turtles sculpture Two Turtles statues amazing Swan Landing sculpture Best Garden Swan sculpture Landing Metal Swan sculpture Life size Garden Swan statue Life Size Swan sculpture Outdoor Swan sculptures Stainless Steel Swan sculpture Stainless Steel Swan statue Steel Lifesize Swan statue Copper Bull Moose sculpture Copper Moose statues Copper sheet Moose sculpture Copper Wild Life statues Outdoor Outside Moose Sculpture Standing Bull Moose sculpture Standing Bull Moose statues Yard Bull Moose sculpture Yard or Garden Moose sculptures