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Paola Grizi developed her love of art when she was still a child, while watching her grandfather, who was a wll-known Italian painter and sculptor, at work. With a first class honors degree in literature, she began working as a journalist. In the meantime her deep enthusiasm forart grew and she began to create some sculptures in clay. In fact her artistic interest reemerged strongly and was responsible for her choice to dedicate herself to sculpture. She has had numerous exhibitions in various Italian cities (Rome, Venice, Faenza, Florence, Milan, Pisa, Ferrara…). in 2014 she won the 3rd Bi-annual International ceramics contest of Ascoli Piceno (Italy), in 2014 and 2015 she was invited by the Chinese Government to represent Italy at the 3rd and 4th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposiums. In 2015 she won the special Public Award in the 35°CICA International Competition de L`Alcora (Spain) and in 2016 she was invited to be part of the Jury of the same international Spanish competition. In 2016 she was chosen by the Pontifical Gregorian University in collaboration with the Kunst-Station of Köln (Germany) for a contemporary art project in the church of Saint Peter with 11 international artists.

The Italian artist Paola Grizi focuses her research within the thin line that separates figurative from informal shapes. Inside this area she molds recognizable elements that emerge from abstract shapes.These are a representation of the unconscious, a step forward in understanding the inner world. This duplicity – figurative and informal – finds its meaning in the language, which creates a clear dichotomy through its production. Sometimes the faces emerge from the material are as epiphanies of the consciousness. In Paola Grizi`s terracotta works classical workmanship coexist with informal declination, giving movement to the work as a whole. Just like other works representing infants, her sculptures have to be interpreted as a birth of awareness.

Sculptures by paola grizi



Born in Rome (italy), 03-15-1968, graduated cum laude in italian licterature on year 1993. She worked with clay since she was born (granddaugher of the ceramist Rodolfo Ceccaroni), and on year 2003 she deepen her technique with Salavatore Rizzuti, professor of Sculputre of Palermo`s Accademy of fine arts.


"The idea of dividing the representation of the face on two different open pages, placing the nose and mouth on the left and one eye on the right, is typical of Picasso, who on the behalf of two-dimensional paintings makes four-dimensional representation including space and time. In other words, the decomposition of the face can be seen as the possibility to look at different perspectives, depending on the moment of a theoretical vision of the opera. Similarly, Paola Grizi’s sculpture is a face expressed in different moments, also suggesting a deep reflection on the ego, torn by the modern society...        Many pages, but one book, many profiles but a single face. " Stefano Colonna Ph.D. Professor of Museology and Art Critics At Rome University “La Sapienza” (Italy)


[referring to "Improv-viso sculpture"]...“a “belly” ripped by the reckless appearance of a face, the duplicity finds its meaning in the language, that creates a clear dichotomy through a vermicular weave of the cylindrical surface and a female face exposed from the gash. In her production, Grizi alternates academic-type pieces and epiphany – type ones resulting in something more lively and free. In this work of art, her two fronts rejoin, making classical workmanship and informal declination coexist, giving movement to the work as a whole. Just like other works representing infants, this one has to be interpreted as a newborn. In fact, it is like a personal rebirth, suggested by the woman’s face, symbolic portrait of the artist Grizi, who rips up the column – belly, to evoke intestinal surface". Giorgio Di Genova historian and art critic

Teaching Experience
- AREGOLADARTE 2014-2016 (Rome, via del Corso) : Sculpture teacher - ArgillaDream: sculpture teacher for adults and childs (2010-2013)
Public Acquisitions
Museu de Ceramica de L`Alcora (Spain) - World Sculpture Park of Changchun (China) - Museum of ceramic art of Ascoli Piceno (Italy)
4th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium - August 2015 3rd China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium - August 10-September 5, 2014


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