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Pádraic Reaney was born in Carraroe, Co. Galway in 1952. He studied Fine Art at Galway, Regional Technical College encouraged by the well-known sculptor Oisín Kelly and has been a full-time artist since leaving college. He painted for several years in Galway; later he built a studio in Moycullen, where he now lives and works. He has exhibited extensively in Ireland, Scotland and Wales and his work is in public and private collections in Ireland as well as in Europe, Canada, USA, Brazil, Japan, South Africa and Australia. His work is held in collections such as the Modern Irish Art Collection; Dublin Writers Museum, Ireland; Irish Embassy, London; Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum, Quinnipiac University, USA; Siena Art Institute, Italy; Urawa Wood-Cut Prints Association, Japan.

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Pádraic Reaney

Pádraic Reaney was born in Galway in 1952. He went to art college for a few years, encouraged by Oisin Kelly, and has been a full - time artist since leaving college. He painted for several years in Galway : later he built a studio in Moycullen, where he now lives and works.

In addition to his paintings, he has worked extensively in graphics and has done sculpture in bronze and stone and ceramic with a rich use of silver and gold leaf. His work is in great demand for book covers, illustrations, and CD covers. He has also created a series of striking wall - hangings done in the studio of V`Soske Joyce.

One of his exhibitions based on the T?in was the subject of a film made by R.T.E. chosen as one of the three top films in the Pan Celtic International Film Festival for 1988. This film and an interview with the artist were shown on R.T.E., where short features on his work and interviews with him have often appeared.

He represented Ireland in the XVI Grand Prix International d`Art Contemporain de Monte Carlo in 1982 and was awarded the Padraic Mac Con Midhe Prize at the Oireachtas in 1979 to do a series of etchings recording the disappearing thatched houses in Ros an Mhal, Connemara.

A founder member of Western Artists and Island Connection,
he was invited to Scotland by the North Ayrshire Council in 1996 to do a series of exhibitions on the Isles and the West Coast of Scotland. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Galway Arts Centre in 1996 and served on the Board until 1999.

His work is in public and private collections in this country as well as in Europe, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Japan, South Africa and Australia.

Public Works

Galway County Council Public Sculpture commission for Lawrencetown, Galway (outdoor life-size sculpture)
Gairdin Cuimhneachain Liam O Flaithearta, Inis Mor
Commemorative Garden Liam I Flaherty, Aran (outdoor life-size sculpture)
three stained glass windows, Teach Pobail Leitir Moir, Co. na Gaillimhe.
Commemorative Plaque with poem by Moya Cannon, Wolfe Tone Bridge, Galway.

Public Acquisitions
President Michael D. Higgins Irelands Great Hunger Musuem, Cannecticut, USA Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy McCann FitzGerald Dublin. THE GREAT HUNGER COLLECTION QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY USA Irish Embassy, London. Glasgow Vennel Museum, Irvine, Scotland. President McAleese Town Hall Theatre, Galway. Comhdhail Naisiunta na Gaeilge, Dublin. Great Southern Hotel Group. Brian Wilson M. P., Minister of State at the Scottish Office. Dublin Writers Museum, Dublin. The Modern Irish Art Collection, Athlone Institute of Technology, Athlone. Udaras na Gaeltachta. National Museum of Malta. President Hilary County Library Collection, Kildare. (Arts Council Purchase) Urawa Wood-Cut Prints Association, Japan. U.C.G. Staff Club. County Library, Carraroe, Co. Galway. Selected Commissions: Dr A.M. Mannion England Gairdín Cuimhneacháin Liam Ó Flaithearta, Inis Mór. Commemorative Garden Liam Ó Flaherty, Aran. Lóchrann Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta. Udaras na Gaeltachta. Paddy Ryan Memorial Medal. Galway County Council Public Sculpture commission for Lawrencetown. New Irish Department Building, U.C.G. Bard, Ireland, Ltd. Galway. Ostan Cheathrú Rua, Co. na Gaillimhe. Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, Mount Sion, Waterford. Galway Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Gaillimh le Gaeilge. Coole Park, Co. Galway. The National Parks and Wildlife. Commemorative Plaque with poem by Moya Cannon, Wolfe Tone Bridge, Galway. Three stained glass windows, Teach Pobail Leitir Móir, Co. na Gaillimhe.


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