olive wootton

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Trained at Goldsmith and The Royal College of Art. In her animal work she manages to capture that fleeting essence of movement which transcends mere accuracy, a rare accomplishment. Olive often uses mythology as subject matter for her work involving the human form. She finds the demands of expressing emotion relevant to the human condition both challenging and exciting.

Sculptures by olive wootton



Olive Wootton was born in Lewisham, she went to Goldsmiths College of Art and graduated, then went on the the Royal College of Art where she was taught by the renowned sculptor John Skeaping and in 1955 was represented in the Young Contempories exhibition in London, Olive has exhibited all her life, it is since the untimely death of her painter husband, Gordon, that she has returned to sculpture with a renewed energy.

Public Acquisitions
1955 - Young Contemporaries exhibited in Galleries, Societies and selected groups and has shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions.