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Usually Nando Alvarez works inspired by elements of the nature, but always with elements without a defined shape, like the water, the clouds, the fire, etc… All these elements appear with an always changing form and he tries to represent this continuous metamorphosis on his works.

Sculptures by nando alvarez


Competitions and Symposiums: Participated in more than 70 international sculpture symposiums in 21 countries. -Invitation to the 2017 International Sculpture Exhibition in Putian. Fujian Province, China. -Invitation to 2017 International Sculpture Festival in Hualien, Taiwan. -International Sculpture Symposium in Bento Gonçalves. November, 2016. Brasil. -Changsha International Sculpture Festival. September-October 2016. China. -Baskent University International Sculpture Symposium. August, 2016. Turkey. -Nordart Exhibition 2016. Germany. -Public Sculpture Festival in Chiayi County. April, 2016. Taiwan. -Sao Jose International Sculpture Symposium, March, 2016. Brazil. -Chiayi City International Stone Sculpture Workshop, February, 2016. Taiwan. -Beijing Art Biennale, september, 2015. China. -Sea Art Festival, september 2015. Busan, Korea. -Changhua Public Art Creation Festival. 2015. Taiwan. -Organization of I Miño International Sculpture Symposium. Spain-Portugal. -15th Changchung International Sculpture Symposium. 2014. China. -”121 Premiere” International Sculpture Symposium. Ruse, 2014. Bulgaria. - Nordart 2014 (Symposium and Exhibition) Germany. - A.F.F.A International Sculpture Symposium. 2014, Cyprus. - International Stainless Steel Sculpture Symposium, Tultepec. 2014. Mexico. - Cairo International Art Festival, 2014. Egypt. - Ostraka International Art Festival, Sharm El Sheik. 2013. Egypt. - I West Rutland Sculpture Park Sculpture Symposium. Vermont, 2013. USA - WUHU International Sculpture Exhibition, 2013. China. - Nordart 2013. Budelsdorf, 2013. Germany. - 9th Alanya Sculpture Symposium, november, 2012. Turkey. - 4th Teheran Sculpture Symposium, 2012, Iran. - Saint Lo International sculpture symposium "Taches Taches", 2012. France. - Simpetra 2012. Caldas da Rainha. Portugal. - Nordart 2012. Budelsdorf, Germany. -1st International Woodcarving Masters Invitational, Putian, 2012. China. - International Sculpture Symposium in Aswan, 2012. Egypt. - LangFang Sculpture Creation Project, 2011. China. - International Sculpture Symposium in O Grove, 2011. Spain. (1st prize) - XX I.S. Symposium in St. Blassien, 2011. Germany. -II International Sculpture Symposium in Damascus, 2011. Syria. - International Sculpture Symposium in Lorentzweiller, 2011. Luxembourg. - IX International Sculpture Symposium of Fines. 2011. Spain (2nd Prize) - China Wuxi International City Public Art (Sculpture) Exhibition. 2011. China. - Benq I.S.S. Hsinchu County. 2010. Taiwan. -Tongling International Copper Symposium. 2010. China. -Tangshan International Sculpture Symposium. 2010. China. - Damascus Figurative Symposium, 2010. Syria. - Elbasan I.S.S., 2010. Albania. - Damascus Wood Sculpture Symposium, 2010. Syria. - Bronze Sculpture Symposium in Baroda, 2010. India. - I.S. Symposium de La Victoria, 2009. Spain. - XVIII I.S. Symposium in St. Blassien, 2009. Germany. - V Simposio Internazionale di Castelraimondo, 2009. Italy. - IV Rencontre International de sculptors, Saint Maur. 2009. France. - Simposium Internacional de Escultura en Otongo, 2009. Mexico. - Hinojosa International Sculpture Symposium, 2008. Spain. - Altindag International Sculpture Symposium, 2008. Ankara, Turkey. - I Damascus International Sculpture Symposium, 2008. Syria. - X Rencontre Internationale de Sculpture, Cerisy La Foret, 2008 France. - Mersin International Sculpture Symposium, 2008. Mersin, Turkey. - Istanbul International Sculpture Symposium, 2007. Istanbul, Turkey. - V Bienale de la Pierre. Tulle, 2007. France. - Escultura e Habitat, Sculpture Symposium. As Eiras, Pontevedra, 2007. Spain. - International Sculpture Symposium “Beyond Dreams”. Tainan. 2007. Taiwan. - II Internationale Bildhauer Plenair, 2007. Berlin, Germany. -VI International Sculpture Symposium of Brazil. 2006. Brusque, SC, Brazil. - II S.I. de Escultura de Nueva Carteya "Un mar de olivos", 2006. Córdoba, Spain. - IV Simposio Internazionale di Scultura di Castelraimondo, 2006. Italy. - I Concurso de Escultura Urbana de Murchante, 2006. Navarra, Spain. 1st Prize. - I International Sculpture Symposium "Villa de Andosilla", Spain. - I International Sculpture Symposium of Nueva Carteya, 2005. Córdoba, Spain. - IV International Sculpture Symposium of Meymac, 2005. France. - I Sculpture Symposium "Villa de Uncastillo", 2005. Zaragoza, Spain. - XIII Encuentro Internacional de Escultura, Rosario, 2004. Argentina. 2nd Prize. - V Sculpture Biennale Mateo Hernandez, Bejar, Salamanca, Spain. 2003. - III International Sculpture Symposium of Brazil. 2003. Brusque, Brazil. - III International Sculpture Symposium Carlos III, 2003. Córdoba. Spain. - IV Sculpture Biennale Mateo Hernandez, Spain 2002. - IV Certame de Artes Plásticas Cidade de Lugo, Spain 1998. 2nd prize. - VIII Certame Galego Xuvenil de Artes Plásticas- A Coruña, Spain 1994. 3rd prize. - VI Certame Galego Xuvenil de Artes Plásticas- A Coruña, Spain 1992, 1st prize.


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