marcin gornia

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Mediums Used

Marcin Gornia who specialises and excells in the intractable stainles steel which manipulates with an enviable skill, producing a glittering array of sparkling art. Whether using stainless steel cutlery reconfigured and rearranged to make such as the beautiful Magpie or Horse or shapeless off cuts, which only he can see as part of a Greek God or realistic animal only needing his astonishing skill.

Sculptures by marcin gornia


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Animal Abstract Contemporary Modern Stylised Minimalist Sculptures Gleaming Shiny Highly Polished Stainless Steel and Precious Metals sculpture Organic/Abstract Sculpture Polished Shining Gleaming Metal Sculpture statues and statuettes Stainless Steel Sculpture Wild Bird Sculptures Horse Sculpture/ Equines Race Horses Pack HorseCart Horses Plough Horsess Horses Abstract/Semi Abstract /Stylised/Contemporary/Modern statues sculptures statuettes Stainless Steel Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture Horse Head or Bust or Mask or Portrait sculpture statuettes statue figurines Horses Small, for Indoors and Inside Display Statues statuettes Sculptures figurines commissions commemoratives Animal Busts or Heads or Masks or Trophies For Sale or Commission Reptiles Sculptures and Amphibian Sculptures Snakes Serpents Pythons Boa Constrictor sculpture statues Abstract Woman Female Lady Girl sculpture statue Diaphanous, Etherial Lacy Fragmented Filigree sculpture Statues Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculptures Horse Rearing Kicking Up sculpture statue statuette Recycled Materials / Objets trouvees or Upcycle sculpture Statues statuettes Angels Profane Fallen Sculptures statues Nudes, Female Sculptures Stylised Nude statue sculpture statuette ornament Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures Christian Sculpture and Statues Crucifiction Christian Cross Alter Piece sculpture Statues carvings Statues statuettes sculpture depicting the crucfiction Religious Sculpture Gods or Goddess, or Deity Sculptures Male Men Youths Masculine statues sculptures statuettes figurines Nudes/ Male Sculpture Realistic Representational Sculpture Fountains, Water Features and Cascades Human Figurative Sculptures Busts and Heads Sculptures Fabricated or Forged Metal Abstract sculpture Public Park or Urban Landscape or Corporate sculpture/Fountain/ Statuary


This artists work is found in the following tags on site: