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Lucia Corrrigan was born in London and raised in Kent consistantly surrounded by animals. She studied Art foundation at St. Martins school of Art and then went on to do a B.A course there specialising in sculpture.

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Lucia Corrigan has focused the last four years in creating wire sculptures, working from life studies and sketches. She works as a volunteer for a wildlife hospital and draws all her studies from life. Her interest is in the movement and energy of creatures, as well as trying to capture the `essence` of a thing. She is very interested in medieval drawings of animals, and the bestiaries, the lack of knowledge they had of the animals lent the drawings a wild, spirited and faintly anthropomorphic feel which she tries to incorporate into her work.. Having tried out several different media and processes for design and durability Lucia decided on sculptures hand made from wire and pewter, twisted, hammered and melted into forms. She has been working with this media for the past seven years and has explored many different designs and influences.
Currently the work is made from about 40% recycled materials, though I she hopes to make this a higher figure in the near future, as enviromental concerns are also important to her
Lucia was born in London and raised in both kent and Ireland consistantly surrounded by animals. She studied Art foundation at St. Martins school of Art and then went on to do a B.A course there specialising in sculpture. During this time her art was very much geared towards display in a white cube space wich she began to find confining and claustrophobic, so she began to develop her technique with wire, so the work could be displayed outside as well as in and due to the functional, prolific and common place propities of the material it would not look out of place anywhere, and could be displayed in a home or garden as well as a white cube space or public park.
She has been working mostly on commission for the las t three years, selling privately at the same time as expanding her knowledge of animals by travel, drawing and part time work as a race-horse trainer.
They are made from metal wire. Currently the work is made from about 40% recycled materials, though I hope to make this a higher figure in the near future.



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