jenny wynne jones

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Jenny expresses a feeling of tranquillity, spiritually and beauty in her sculpture of female figures and children, for which she may use her family to sit, whilst she models them. She has most of her sculptures cast in bronze or bronze resin. Jenny has exhibited at over 20 galleries and stately gardens from Cornwall to East Sussex and galleries in London. It is a pleasure to have this collection after a long absence in Guernsey. She has now retired and these are the last ones she has available.

Sculptures by jenny wynne jones



I trained a Bromley and Portsmouth Colleges of Art, and also London University. After her large family grew up and having done some teaching, she was able to take up sculpture. Most of her work is in high fired stoneware, occasionally in bronze, which means that it is all suitable for displaying in gardens and parks. She lives in Dittisham, Devon overlooking the river Dart.
She has now retired after a very fruitful career in sculpture and the few remaining pieces she has are being handled by one of her daughters.


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