janine creaye

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Mediums Used

Janine Creaye is a young and talented artist who`s work is both original and sometimes unusual but alwasy conceived in emotion. When not sculpting she even finds time to teach her skills.

Sculptures by janine creaye



I primarily care in stone, but also carve wood and constuct in plaster or cement onto wire. The work is about simplified form and symbolism. The material and the process of carving are important. I use the way the stone breaks, cuts and polishes to reveal its structure of shell pieces and veins, and retain references to these possibilities of the stone in each final piece.

I create a particular form in response to the qualities of each piece of stome. The work is informed by detailed study of natural forms and patterns through drawing, which goes on to be formalised in shape, rhythm and tool marks to maek the carved work a completely new entity.

The subjects that most interest me are fossils/fish and the human head. The former taps into a sense of finding fragements and the beauty of incomplete things that allow imagination to find narrative past. The fist explore a type of symbolism and fluid shape. They can represent the soul, pure movement or a sense of freedom. On another level they also exhibit very strong forms without needing many figurative references to be identified.

Heads are a universal iconic form which are used in amny cultures to say things about power, identity and mood or create a simple focus for meditation and spiritual atmosphere. I wish to minimise any sense of identity of a person culture or era in order to concentrate on one strong impression and mood with each head. The expressions are to remain ambiguous, changing with different light, the gender and race are whatever the viewer wishes to project into them. They are intended to have a more direct and deeper sense.

My strongest influences are from simplified symbolic of the past. Particularly Egyptian and Indian Hindu and Buddhist carving of the 8th - 10th centuries. Particularly the Ramesses at Karnak and Abu Simbel (Egypt), the Siva of Elephants (near Mumbai, India) and the Samadhi Buddha, Anuradhapura (Sri Lanka). Travel to see these works at the scale they were carved and in the religious atmosphere of the countries they come from is very important to me. I have visited India 4 times culminating in a 5 week residency and exhibition on Kerala last December

Public Works

I am a professional member of the Roayl Society of British Sculptors. I am currently invloved in two local artists groups `2 by 4` based in the Crawley/Horsham area and `Borderlands` based on the Surrey/Hampshire border. I am also a member of the Hampshire Sculptor Trust.

A large part of what I do and aim to do is site and create work for outdoor public spaces and architectural built environments. I would like to change atmospheres and moods of particular places (but not in anyway at the expense of their function) I am interested in responding to the specific place, its people, its history and environment to create appropriate works to improve the site and maek focus and identity to the spaces

Teaching Experience
I have taught adults life drawing, sculpture and painting for the last 9 years and led many community art workshops in the shorter term. Most recently I have completed 2 workshop projects as a member of the 2 by 4 artists. One for Crawley Community arts working with South India dance class drawing onto fabric. The other for Horsham District Council on a reminiscence project with old peoples homes in the area. I collected stories, filmed and drew from the movement and gesture of the residents
Public Acquisitions
Harold Pinter