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James Sutton is an Artist Sculptor and Community Arts Facilitator. Working in Stone and Bronze.

James Sutton – Artist, sculptor, and designer based in East Midlands, UK.

James works in stone, metal and bronze from his studio on Hall farm in Gainsborough. He produces work to commission and exhibits throughout the country creating small personal works and Public Art.

After graduating from studying Art at the University of Lincoln in 2005 James began his career as a sculptor. Initially working part time as a graphic designer James was able to focus on his sculpture full time in 2007. Although working out of the outbuilding in his terrace house wasn’t ideal so eventually he took the plunge and started to rent his current studio The Sculpture Barn on Hall Farm in Harpswell, Gainsbrough in 2010. Over the past 15+ years his work has taken many directions but always inspired by his love of nature and the emotions it evokes. His work can be both figurative and abstract. Currently James works mostly to commission, creating personal works for a wide range of clients from private homes and gardens to large pieces of public art for businesses and councils. He also exhibits at galleries and sculpture shows and sells his work through his website.

Sculptures by james sutton


Public Works

Multiple works around the country and internationally. Please see artists website for more details.

Teaching Experience
Wide range, all ages and abilities. See website for more details.
Public Acquisitions
The Collection, Lincoln. Past Commissions have included sculptures for Tesco, RAF Baces, Councils, Corporations, private collections, Galleries, Schools, and Health Centres.
James Sutton - Artist, sculptor, and designer based in East Midlands, UK. James works in stone, metal and bronze from his studio on Hall farm in Gainsborough. He produces work to commission and exhibits throughout the country creating small personal works and Public Art.


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Abstract Fish sculptures Aquatic sculptures Fish/Shells/Sharks/Seals/Corals/Seaweed Sea Fish sculptures Shoal of Fish Pod of Dolphins Whales Porpoises sculptures statues Small Game fish like Trout Salmon Grayling and Other Angling Fish Wild Animals and Wild Life Sculptures BUTTERFLIES and Moths and Dragonflies and Bugs Sculptures Statues Carvings Insects and Bugs Sculptures Polished Shining Gleaming Metal Sculpture statues and statuettes Stainless Steel Sculpture Abstract Modern Contemporary statues sculpture statuary Human Form: Abstract Sculptures Minimalist Understated Abstract Contemporary Sculpture statuary statuettes Mother and Child, the Madonna, mother and children Sculptures Organic/Abstract Sculpture Parent - Child Sculpture Carved Stone, Marble, Alabaster, Soap Stone Granite Lime stone Geometric Sculpture Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculptures Modern Abstract Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures or Statues or statuettes or statuary Round Disk, Dish, Flat Circular Ring Shaped Sculptures / Statues statuette statuary African Animal and Wildlife Sculptures Humorous Witty Amusing Lighthearted Fun Jolly Whimsical Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines Stylized Animals Sculptures Toys Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine Animal Abstract Contemporary Modern Stylised Minimalist Sculptures Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures Small Animal Sculptures Abstract Contemporary Modern Large Monumental Public Art sculpture statues statuary Focal Point Abstract Contemporary Modern sculpture statue Spherical Globe like Ball shaped Round Abstract Contemporary sculpture statue statuette Fruit Sculpture Interior Indoors Inside Sculpture Aligators, Crocodiles, Lizards, Ghekos, Chameleons, Cayman, Mugger Gavial, Iguana sculpture Statues Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures


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Dragonfly sculpture garden art Stainless steel sculpture Abstract Madonna sculpture Abstract Marble sculptures Abstract Mother & Child statues Bread of Life sculptures Carved Marble sculptures Carved Marble statues modern stone A Parent & Child statues Parent and Child sculptures Stone Abstract sculptures Abstract Moon Indoor sculptures Abstract Moon sculptures Alabaster Moon statues Circular statues Full Moon Indoor statues Full Moon sculpture Geometric sculpture Harvest Moon statues Indoor Carved Moon sculpture Indoor Moon statues Round Moon statues Carved Animal Abstract sculpture Giraffe statue Little Animal Toy statues Little Toy Giraffe statuette Little Wild Animal sculpture small Toy Animal Art sculptures small Toy Animal statues Toy African Animal sculptures Toy Giraffe Abstract sculptures African Animal sculptures African Animal statues Animal Toy sculptures Baby Hippo statues Carved Marble statuettes Child Toy sculptures Hippo sculptures Hippo statues River horse Figure small Hippo statues Toy Hippo statues Wild Animal sculptures Abstract Marble Carving sculptures Abstract sculpture Spheres Abstract Sphere statues Carved Marble Round statues Large Round Abstract statue Round Abstract Garden statues Round Carved Marble sculptures Round Garden sculpture Round Marble Yard statue Abstract Fruit statues Abstract Indoor sculptures Abstract Interior statue Carved Marble Avocado sculpture Fruit & Seed statues Fruit Seed sculptures Indoor Abstract statues Parent & Child sculptures Plant form Abstract sculptures Marble Toy Elephant sculpture semi-abstract Toy Elephant sculpture small Animal Abstract sculpture small Elephant statue small Toy Animal statue small Toy Wild Animal statue Toy Elephant sculptures Toy Wild Animal sculpture Baby Animal sculptures Baby Toy Rabbit sculptures Child Art Toy statue Child Toys statuettes Little Baby Animal statues small Rabbit statues Toy Animal statues statues Toy Rabbit sculpture Toy Rabbit statues Toy sculptures Toy small Animal sculptures