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Ivan Tsiskadze is the world known sculptor from Georgia. His works in different materials (marble, granite, wood, bronze) is placed in 20 countries all of the world. His works are figurative and a stylistic representation of the human and animals form illustrating the motion and dynamics of life.

Sculptures by ivan tsiskadze



Ivan (Malkhaz) Tsiskadze
Born in 1960 in Tbilisi, Georgia
Address: 17/21, Ilori St., Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone: (+995 32) 265 21 55 mob: (+995 32) 599 423295
E-mail: malkhaz_tsiskadze@yahoo.com
Website: ivanetsiskadze.blogspot.com

1979-1985 - Tbilisi State Art Academy, Faculty of Sculpture.
1989-1991 - post-graduate education at the Sculpture Studio under the All-Union Art Academy, Georgia.
Work place:
1988 –2012- A professor at the Tbilisi Art Academy.


Classical style and nature is his inspiration

Public Works

1996-Memorial of Abkhazian war heroes in Kutaisi, Georgia
1998- Monument the Queen Tamara - Akhaltsikhe, Georgia
2016- Sculpture of great Georgian footballer Boris Paichadze
2017 - Sculpture of Georgian hero (Portrait) Tbilisi, Georgia
2017- Sculpture,Eva" in Suide (China)

Teaching Experience
Work place: 1988 –2012- A professor at the Tbilisi Art Academy. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georgia
Public Acquisitions
Private collection in Kiev (Ukraine), In Tbilisi (Georgia), in Guatemala-city (Guatemala)
1997 - Symposium Tbilisi, Georgia, International Symposium 1999 - 2000 International Symposium in Kavala, Greece. 2000 - International Symposium in Beirut, Labanon. 2001-2002 - International Symposium in Drama, Greece. 2002 - International Symposiums in Istanbul, Turkey and in Mersin, Turkey. 2003 - International Symposium in Edirne, Turkey. 2004 - International Symposiums in Sivasin, Turkey and in Shumen, Bulgary. 2005 - International Symposium in Budapest, Hungary. 2006 -International Symposiums in Malathea, in Bodrum, in Ankara,and in Mersin, Turkey. 2006- International Symposiums in Sisterniga, Spein and in Tarshiha-Maalot, Israel. 2007- Intenrational Symposiums in Ankara, Turkey and in Hereke, Turkey. 2008 - Intenrational Symposium in Ankara, Turkey 2010 - International Symposium in Guatemala-citi, Guatemala 2010 - International Symposium in Maalot-Tarshiha, Israel 2010_ International Symposium in Ordu, Turkey and in Erzerum, Turkey. 2011- International Symposium in Eskishahir, Turkey 2011- International Symposium in Mersin, Turkey. 2012- International Symposium in Luleburgaz, Turkey. 2013 -- International Symposium in Maalot-Tarshiha, Israel 2013 -- International Symposium in Iskandrun, Turkey. 2013 -- International Symposium in Antalia, Turkey. 2014-- International Symposiums in Maalot-Tarshiha, Israel and Penza, Russia 2013-2014 - International Symposium in Malathea, Turkey 2014 - International Symposium in Alania, Turkey 2015 - International symposium Erdek and Marmara saraylar, Turkey 2016 - International Symposiums in Eskishahir, Cyprus, Turkey and in Rustavi, Georgia 2017 - International Symposiums in Ukrain (Kiev) and Turkey (Adana) and in China (Suide) 2018 - - International Symposiums in Egypt (Aswan). 2018- International Symposiums in Spain (Almazan), Izmir (Turkey), Adana (Turkaey). 2019 - International symposium in Aya Napa (Cyprus) 2021 - Artist residency in Basiers (France)


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