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Isabelle Faucher sees sculptures as an extension of her studies in behaviour: seeking her inspiration from observing all living things, which includes subjects as diverse as children, birds, or marine invertebrates, how they move, and how they interact with their environment and with each other

Isabelle Faucher has a special affinity for animals. They share her life and her work has evolved through frequent interaction with them.

In her sculptures, she tries to capture the quintessence of her subject, in a dynamic rather than a static state

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Born in Montreal, Canada.

Isabelle Faucher was educated at Universite de Montreal, City University of New York and University College London. After working in Africa for many years as a wildlife biologist and conservationist she moved to Europe and devoted herself to sculpting full-time. She has now settled in the South of France with her family.

She sees sculpting as an extension of her studies in behaviour. Seeking her inspiration from observing living things, which includes subjects as diverse as horses, birds, cows or marine invertebrates, how they move, and how they interact with their environment and with each other.

In her sculptures, Isabelle tries to capture the particular expression of her subject, often in a dynamic rather than static state. She has chosen bronze and the lost wax technique as a her favorite medium. She uses different patinas to convey colour and thus to add an emotional dimension.

She has travelled extensilvely throughout the world and impressions from these travels heavily influence her work.

Ms Faucher`s art work is found in private collections worlwide. In addition her sculptures has been shown in museums, art galleries and art fairs in both North America and Europe


Isabelle Faucher has traveled extensively throughout the world and impressions from these travels heavily influence her work


Sculpture with Love`s Lustre

It had been a dark and sad day, sad all the way through, and without joy. The mist hung in the air, existence was totally without joy.

It was a day when I would have preferred to hide from the sorrowful tone that rested on both the country and the heart.

Then, there they stood, the horses. I cannot recall how many they were. However, I suddenly saw something that changed me; I experienced a wave of beauty and happiness. I thought, "So, life is such that the difference between joy and sorrow, beauty and dreariness can be a pair of horses standing side by side at the roadside.

Then, when I came home, a letter was lying there in my post box. In it a bundle of photographs of sculptures of, yes, horses, and I considered what I saw happening in front of my eyes as a miracle.

The name of the artist who made these wonderful, free and beautiful sculptures of horses, is Isabelle Faucher, and I knew at once that from a hand and a heart love can form and grow.

Since one cannot create such sculptures of horses if, in the depth of one`s soul, one has not understood this uncontrollable love for horses. (Yes, for fantasy birds as well, for that matter.)

Isabelle Faucher, in some miraculous way has allowed herself to fall in love and be mastered by her dream horses and her real horses. Every image, every sculpture has a love`s lustre that enthuses me and opens beauty`s secrets up to me. I think, "How can it be possible with such simple means to give form to so much beauty, so much of a collected and joyfully intoxicated tender feeling.

I saw the horses at the roadside and felt a great joy. Immediately afterwards, I saw Isabelle`s interpretations and forms she gave these animals, which is a symbiosis of dream and reality.

Isabelle Faucher "made my day". She presented the evidence that love exists and that in our relationship to life around us lives life`s great, unparalleled grandeur.

Stig Ake Stalnacke

Member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA International)

Public Works

Isabelle Faucher`s work has been shown in various public exhibitions and international art fairs in both North America and Europe as well as in galleries in North America, Europe and Africa

Public Acquisitions
Ms Isabelle Faucher`s sculptures are found in private collections worlwide


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