Graham Ibbeson

This artist accepts commissions

Mediums Used

Graham Ibbeson exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the USA over the past 30 years and work with architects, planners, and design professional to produce unique site specific public sculpture including bronze portraits of ERIC MORECAMBE (Morecambe), CARY GRANT (Bristol). Other bronze commissions include THE LEEDS MILLENNIUM SCULPTURE, THE JARROW MARCH, LAUREL and HARDY, and over 40 other public sculptures in the UK.
Ibbeson is now concentrating on his unique fine art pieces, rather than undertaking commissions.

Sculptures by Graham Ibbeson



Graham Ibbeson was born in 1951 in Barnsley in the United Kingdom, and studied at Barnsley School of Art, Trent Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art in London.

Public Works

Work in many public collections:-

The London Toy Museum
The Victoria and Albert Museum
Canadian Arts Council.