gerard taillandier

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An artist of a great sensitivity, Gerard Taillandier invites us, through his works, to rediscover the expression of female beauty. Metal and clay succumb to his desires to shape the delight of female expression, creating slender, sensual and always elegant silhouettes.

Sculptures by gerard taillandier



Born in 1954, lives and works in Montigny in Gohelle

Born in Hénin- Liétard in the Fifties, as a child he soon became interested in fire and metals, seeing the forge fires flickering in the workshops of his father and grandfather. The ability to dream and observe reality, afforded by art, led Gérard Taillandier from the age of fifteen to places he could collect metal which he would turn into mysterious animals. As a curious student, his scientific studies did not prevent him for modelling clay. After exploring drawing and painting, he began melting metals, increasingly honing in on bronze. The guiding theme of Taillandier`s work is primarily the study of the female body. Smooth, pure bodies are created and invade the space. The fluid silhouettes and slender lines of his elegant sculptures beg the hand to follow the eye.


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