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Elwin de Wolf is a young sculptor, developing his reputation in sculpture art very fast and the quality and originality of his work is highly appreciated.

The sculptures by Elwin de Wolf are inspired by coastal landscapes and mountain views. “It is fascinating how he translates this into his sculptures” (De Waarneming 2011). They often express the ambivalent relationship between man and nature and are characterized by sharp lines, complex 3-dimensional forms and semi-abstract images. Because of that, the sculptures can be looked at in different ways, i.e. as realistic form, as landscape made from abstract 3D forms, and as an abstract play of complex lines. “The viewer can give his own interpretation to the sculpture”.

The sculptures are very tactile and were made in such a way, that one can imagine oneself walking in them. Because they do not have a front- and backside, the sculptures will not easily give all their surprises

Elwin de Wolf`s personal statement
Sculptures are to be touched and to be lived with. Therefore, they have to be exciting to look at every day of your life, and I always keep this in mind when I am making a new sculpture.
Mountainous landscapes (unfortunately we do not have them in The Netherlands) are an important inspiration for me. Also, I try to investigate the relationship between man and nature in my art

Sculptures by elwin de wolf



Elwin de Wolf was educated in art and art history in the period 2004-2007. However, he did not connect at all with the traditional art training. Instead, he developed his own highly original style and since 2008, he is working successfully as sculptor


Nature, mountain landscapes, Henry Moore, Anthony Caro

Public Works

2010 Boomgaard "de Appelboom"

Public Acquisitions
Sculptures in possession of several important private collections


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