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Dilys Jackson has travelled and worked in Europe, America, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Scandinavian and Australia. She has undertaken commissions and residencies in the UK and Canada and has exhibited in Wales England and Sweden.

My work derives from the kinaesthetic relationship that I experience between natural forms and those of the human body. My perception of shape, mass and process in the world around me is arrived at not only through my eyes, but also through the sensation of myself in space. I mainly use metal and stone to realise these relationships. These materials have an intrinsic weight and presence through which I explore both their mass and internal space, but also the shapes that derive from the perceived processes of growth or movement which appear to have formed them. In my drawings I tear paper and pigments as sculptural elements. The works have formal elements of both singularity and division by which I seek to express the dynamic balance between the pressure of the weight of the whole and the release of pressure between parts.

Sculptures by dilys jackson



Dilys Jackson was born in Sri Lanka and some of her childhood was spent in South Africa but her parents were from Abergavenny and it was to Wales that she returned after attending the Slade School of Fine Art, London. During her teaching years in Special Schools in South Wales she also gained a BA in Psychology from the Open University and an MA in Fine Art from UWIC.

Dilys Jackson lives in Cardiff and works at Butetown Artists Studios. She has produced numerous public works.

Public Works

Galleri Brinken, Stockholm
Coleg Harlech, Harlech
Vaughan College, Leicester
Mid Glamorgan Education Authority
New Hall Cambridge
The Contemporary Art Society of Wales
Salem Art Works, New York State, USA
Franconia Sculpture Park, Minnesota, USA
The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Wales
Llantrnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, Wales
Numerous private: UK, Europe, Canada and USA.

Teaching Experience
Teaching in Special Schools in South Wales.
Public Acquisitions
1992 - Flying hi, Sculpture for the County Youth Dance Project 1993 - Stackpole Centre Sight Garden, Pembroke, Wales 2000 - Greenfield Valley Meadow Mill Millennium Sculpture, Flint, Wales 2004 to 05 - Refuge Garden, Port Talbot, Wales 2006 - Penlan Methodist Church, Swansea, Wales 2007 - Purchase by Contemporary Art Society of Wales.
Dilys Jackson`s Symposiums 1994 - Visiting Artist, Homers for the Elderly, Cardiff 1994 - Leighton Fellow Residency, Banff Center of the Arts, Canada 1994 to 98 - Arts Council of Wales Residency, Groundwork Bridgend, Wales 2001 - Textile Residency, Raglan Primary School, Wales 2002 - Silent Valley Nature Reserve Residency, Cwm, Ebbw Vale, Wales 2003 - US/UK Iron Casting Residency, Berllanderi, Raglan, Wales 2006 - Symposium Sand casting, Berllanderi Sculpture Workshop 2007 - US/UK Cast Iron Symposium, Salem Art Works, NY State, USA 2008 - US/UK Cast Iron Symposium, Butley Mills, Suffolk, England 2010 - Symposium, Berllanderi Sculpture Workshop, m Wales.


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