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David Vanorbeek is a Professional Sculptor, born in Belgium on 30/12/1968. He lives and works in the south of France, departement Aude. In Recycling Metal he makes his Abstract and Figurative sculptures. Little by little his sculptures are becoming Internationally Famous!

For me, the great joy in my work comes from turning something considered worthless into the artwork it becomes. In this way I am showing my respect for the metal.

The thread that runs like red wire through all my work is recycling. If I could, I would turn all the old metal and scrap iron I find into a museum of modern art. Just thinking of this idea makes my heart beat faster.

Sculptures by david vanorbeek



David Vanorbeek, born 30 dec. 1968 Leuven, Belgium, lives and works in France

- Professional artist since 1999, self-taught in Art and self-taught in Metal

- La Maison des Artistes

- Nr. de Siret 47956187000011


nature and insects / recycling.

Public Works

* zoo of Antwerp / Belgium.
* zoo of Planckendael / Belgium
* kasteeltuinen van Arcen / Holland
* marie of Mayronnes / France
* marie of Peyrefitte du razes / France
* marie of Port Barcar`s / France
* marie of Cenne-Monesti`s / France


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