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David Cornell has worked with Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. He has several works in British and Dutch Royal collections and has sculpted more official portraits of the Royal Family than any other sculptor as well as sculpture of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Kate Moss, Leonardo Di Caprio, Lester Piggott and others. His work is mainly in bronze.

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David Cornell was Born in London. He attended the Central School of Art, London and the Harrow school of art, studing under Friend, Fryer, Roger Hilton and Philip Turner. He was awarded five Art Council Awards of Great Britain. David also carried out further studies at the Academy of Fine Art, University of Pennsylvania, USA, studing anatomy under Roger Beverley Hale and has also worked in collaboration with Marc Chagall in France.

David did military service in 42 commando, Royal Marines where he travelled around Europe the Middle East, Scandinavia and North America, having the opportunity to se some of the workd greatest masterpieces.

David Cornell`s work is in many private collections around the world, the British and European Royal families, including portrait cameos of all the children of the Dutch Royal Family, a birthday portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Motherand a portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales. He was commissioned Lester Piggott to sculpt his retirment bronze (riding Nijinsky), one of which was presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Other commissions have included a life side Unicorn bronze for the The Wellcome Foundation headquarters building in Euston Road, London, Ballet figures for The Pavlova Society, including a double portrait of Fonteyn and Nureyev, and a bronze for the Royal International Horse Show that was presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1965 he won a Royal Mint national selection and was appointed coin and medal engraver, his experience there included Royal Awards, Orders, Seal and Stamps. David was granted leave of absence for 2 years to work and study in the USA and returned to the Royal Mint in 1970. Not wishing to move to Wales at that time with the Royal Mint, David accepted an appointment with John Pinches Limited, medallist and Trophy makers as Director of Sculpture. John Pinches became affiliated to Franklin Mint and later with Warner Communications. Davids responsiblity as International Director of Art enabled him to have a teaching studio in London where has was also able to do his own sculpture, producing many bronzes culminationg in a one man show in Chelsea, London. He had the privilege to work on projects with Henry Moore. Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Manzu, Taro Okamoto and many other artists. He also worked on medallic programmes with Lord Mountbatten, Lord Mantagu and Sir John Betjeman.

Public Acquisitions
David has sculpted more official portraits of the British Royal Family than any other sculptor, his work is in the royal collection and many private collections throughout the world. He has worked in collaboration with many other distinguished artists including Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso, Manzu, Salvador Dali, Taro Okamoto and Marc Chagall. Bronze Unicorn cast using the Lost Wax ProcessHe creates both figurative and abstract art, and his varied subjects range from dancers to racehorses to wild animals. David won the Royal Mint competition for the new £5 Memorial Coin of Diana, Princess of Wales. Recent commissions include the first official portrait of Prince William. In 1996 he depicted 40 coins depicting HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother`s life from a small child until her senior years; the work took 3 years to complete. In 2001 he sculpted a life size bronze figure of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for Crowborough County Council.


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