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Daniel Pérez`s sculpture has a very strong leaning to the human face in all its moods shown so subtly in the parts that matter.
Larger than life and twice as expressive his work will be found all around the world in private and public spaces giving that air of authority and place.

Daniel Perez’s sculptures are fragmented representations of the human face. We understand the choice of the human face as a reference, only for the ease of being recognized through his parts, while being represented synthetically. In this approach, add the author’s intention to raise the material appreciation, showing it at the same level of what it represents, using his poetry and his physicality.

Fragments is a series of works in which the public is an essential part of the work. The fragment is understood as it is by the experience that occurs on the viewer to see a figurative element recognizable form reproduced synthetically and “incomplete”. This happens in a intense way if the “Fragments” are made in monumental scale. In this way the meaning of the artwork is full, because of the attributes of the material, the harmony of the volumes and the experience of the viewer in front of it.

Sculptures by daniel perez



Born and raised in Canary Islands, Spain (1987), Daniel Pérez started his studies as a Sculpture Technician Specialist in 2005, Las Palmas de G.C.

Since those first steps learning many different sculpting technics and materials, he felt the need to develop his artistic knowledge. Then in 2007 he decided to move out from Canary Islands to Valencia, to study the Fine Arts Degree at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and continued with an MFA in Contemporary Sculpture.

Focusing on his artistic career since the beginning, Pérez started to apply in many different Grants and Art Competitions, getting several recognitions to his works even while he was still studying.

Nowadays, he participates at International Sculpture Events, creating monumental sculptures around the world. His works can be seen in more than 15 different countries working on different materials. His goals are to transmit and express his ideas through the sculpture, challenging himself and continuing to feed his curiosity with experiences.

2019 - Artist in Residence, Art in the Forest, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort *****, Vietnam - Symposium International de Sculpture sur Pierre, Samoëns, France - International Sculpture Symposium Stone in the Galilee, Israel - Ayia Napa International Sculpture Symposium, Cyprus 2018 - International Public Art Symposium Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India - International Sculpture Symposium, Laongo, Burkina Faso - International Sculpture Symposium, Beauceart, Canada - International Sculpture Symposium, Canada 2017 - International Sculpture Symposium, Danilovgrad, Montenegro - International Wood Sculpture Symposium Transylvania, Romania - International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Stone in the Galilee, Israel - International Wood Sculpture Symposium Llanquihue, Chile 2016 - International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Craiova, Romania 2015 - III International Izmir Sculpture Workshop, Turkey 2013 - Simposio Internazionale di Scultura in Pietra Angelo Zanelli, Rezzato, Italy - International Sculpture Symposium SWIISS 2013, Heredia, Costa Rica 2012 - International Painting and Sculpture Plein-air Workshop, Szkotowo. Poland


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