Ana Ruiz Agui, graduated in Fine Arts from the University of La Laguna, Tenerife. She specialised in sculpture, studying for 3 years in the `Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara`, Italy.

Ana Ruiz Agui has created large and public sculptures in Germany, Italy, Spain and England. She won First Prize in the Symposium de Escultura al Aire Libre de O Grove (Spain). One of her sculptures was created especially for an award-winning garden at 2007 Chelsea flower show. And recently she has won second prize in a regional competition in Tenerife, Spain.

She lives currently between Oxford and Tenerife where she is taking part in different exhibitions and where she has been working on a number of commissions. Her work is in both private and public collections and it can also be seen in galleries in the UK and Tenerife.

Ana Ruiz Agui`s work seeks through conceptual and abstract sculpture to manifest the beauty of the stone, the dynamics of the curves and the contrasts between different textures.

Ana Ruiz Agui tries to create sculpture with character, without getting lost in details, allowing the material to speak for itself and to breathe.
Her work seeks through conceptual and abstract sculpture to manifest the beauty of the stone, allowing the material to speak for itself and to breathe.

Sculptures by ana ruiz agui


Public Works

Ana Ruiz Public Works
Public sculpture in Germany, Spain, England and Czech republic.

Public Acquisitions
Ana Ruiz Agui`s Collections Medium and small size in England, France, Walles, New York and Spain. Works in Galeries "The Garden Gallery", Hampshire, UK "Sheridan Russell Gallery", London, UK
Ana Ruiz Agui`s Symposiums 2010 II Sculpture International Symposium "botanika organica" Prague, Czech Republic 2009 XVI International Symposium of Stone Sculpture "Kunst in Stein". Wunsiedel, Germany. 2008 XII Internacional Stone Sculpture Simposium "Scultura Viva 2008", San Benedetto dell Tronto, Italy. 2005 XII International Symposium of Stone Sculpture "Kunst in Stein". Wunsiedel, Germany. XIV Open-Air Sculpture Symposium in O Grove, Spain.


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