almuth tebbenhoff

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Mediums Used

Almuth Tebbenhoff 2002 elected Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors

1985-6 metal fabrication course at South Thames College

1972-5 ceramics at Sir John Cass School of Art.

Sculpture is my first language. First I worked with clay for over ten years, then I opted for steel, a material that my father had used for his functional, agricultural inventions. Steel became my main material for the next 20 years and I invented a particular language using steel angle section to create large paper-like wall-flowers. Later-on I developed distorted, open-sided containers. These containers that do not contain are very close to my heart. It’s the emptiness within them that has become such an important part of my life through silent meditation, which I practice since 1983.

In 2006, out of the blue, I was offered a scholarship to learn to carve marble in northern Italy during a three months residency. Then followed an intense period of learning another language with both hands and brain. Steel had given me angular skeletal structures and the engineering side of my brain loved to solve geometric puzzles. The missing bit had been volume, which I obtained from marble.

Now I use both materials with departures into wax for casting into bronze. My work is best seen in reality rather than on 2-d reproductions.

Sculptures by almuth tebbenhoff



Almuth Tebbenhoff was born on the 27th January 1949 in Germany.
2012–2013 Curated annual Sculpture Exhibitions for Leicester University
2009 Created the ‘Star of London’ award sculpture in bronze for the BFI London Film Festival.
1981 Converted church hall to studio in London


Brancusi, Sol LeWitt, Noguchi, James Turrell, Louise Bourgeois, Georgia O`Keefe, Cecil Collins, Redon, trees, the elements, astronomy.

Public Works

`Soft Pillar` - St. George`s Hospital, South London
`Flying Colours` - Leicester University Library.
`Soft Tower` - Chiswick Park

Teaching Experience
1989-1992 Byam Shaw School of Art, vis. lect. 1992 Moscow Higher Inst. Fine and Appl A. vis. Prof. 1993-1995 Loughborough Coll o A and D, vis. lect.
Public Acquisitions
2015 Marble sculpture installed in Hong Kong Charles Ellis, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. Emslandmuseum, Germany 1998 Commission: several sculptures for Goodwood
2015 First Anguillan Sculpture Symposium on Anguilla


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Abstract Carved Pink Marble sculpture Abstract Seed Pod Opening sculpture Abstract White Marble statue Almuth Tebbenhoff Interior statue Boats at Sea sculpture Boats Rocking on Wave sculpture Contemporary stone statue Dynamic Movement Stone sculpture Abstract Carved Vertical sculpture Carved Abstract Indoor Elegant Abstract statues modern Abstract stone sculpture Modern Delicately Carved sculpture Modern Garden Marble statue Outdoor Abstract Focal Point statues White Contemporary Garden sculpture Abstract Almuth Tebbenhoff Sculpture Abstract statue Carved Stone sculpture Contemporary Crescent statue garden sculpture Large Scale Marble sculpture Marble Modern Statue Marble sculpture Marble Yard Statue White Marble sculpture White marble Statue Abstract sculpture Bespoke Abstract Statue Bespoke Marble Sculpture Commission Marble Statue Customized Carved Stone statue large scale sculpture modern Abstract sculpture outdoor sculpture Public Art Sculpture Public Art statue Abstract Circular Garden statues Abstract Circular Marble statues Carved Marble Abstract Circular statues Circular statues Marble Abstract Swirl statue Marble Spiral Abstract carvings Minimalist Abstract sculptures Minimalist Garden Marble sculptures Abstract Carved Marble sculpture Abstract Garden sculptures Abstract Pinnacle statues Carved Marble Mountain statue Carved Stone Abstract sculpture Marble Abstract Mountainside statues Modern Stone statue Outdoor Crag sculpture Tall Abstract sculpture Abstract sculptures in White Marble Almuth Tebbonhoff Carved Stone statue Marble Post Modern Abstract statues Minimalist Abstract Marble carvings Minimalist Carved Abstract statues Sinuous Abstract Marble sculptures Understated Abstract Marble statues Abstract Carved Fabric sculptures Abstract Marble Swirl sculptures Abstract Outdoor Marble statues Abstract Understated sculptures Beautiful Abstract Marble sculptures Marble Abstract statues Marble sculpture of Swirling Dress Swirling Marble statues Abstract Minimalist sculptures Abstract Onyx Interior statues Abstract Onyx sculptures Beautiful Minimalist Abstract sculptures Carved Abstract Almuth Tebbenhoff statues Contemporary Indoor Art sculpture Indoor Almuth Tebbenhoff statues Stone statues