alex waddell

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Alex trained as an Apprentice at Winchester Cathedral. Having worked in heritage for 3 years. Learning a range of traditional skills he has seen through all stages of each job, taking measurements for templates working the stone and put into the building, as well conservation of the building using mortar repairs and pinning and shelter coating.

Studied Sculpture at Cardiff school of art in 2014 where he specialised in wood working techniques.Exhibited at several student lead exhibitions with a group called the Modern Alchemist. Since then he has exhibited in a hand full of shows in Cardiff.

He has represented the college at the Heat of the 2016 and 2017 heats of the UKSkills competition and come Third place at the Winchester Cathedral Stone masonry Festival.

Sculptures by alex waddell



While at university Alex drew heavily from work of American Folk artist and the work and symbolism of primitive tribes and outsiders across the world. Inspired by the traditional craftsmen He moved into masonry where the he was heavily inflence by the Niave Norman style and the decorative English Gothic work found on churches and Cathedrals.

Teaching Experience
Volunteers at the world and downland Museum doing displays on Stone masonry. I have run workshops at the cathedrals Childrens church letting them set out norman arches and having a go at working stone.


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