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Alan Dun studied sculpture at Chelsea School of Art in London and graduated with an honour`s degree in sculpture in 1972. In the early years of his career he made figures for waxworks and took a number of private commissions, as well as assisting and enlarging work for established sculptors. In the early 1980’s he established an experimental design and build studio, bringing together cross disciplinary skills such as engineering, musical composition, computer programming, painting and of course, sculpture and modelling skills. From this studio Alan and his team were commissioned to make many exhibits for public institutions, museums, galleries, as well as private individuals from across the world. After 15 years of successfully running this business from a studio in London, Alan decided to leave London and go back to his previous sculptural interests. He now works from a studio just outside of Bath. His primary interest is in modelling and casting as the central process of making, but experience of running the design studio has given him tremendous depth of experience working in different medium and a huge versatility in how he tackles his sculpture. The flexibility of modelling and casting as a process is the springboard for his artwork and experimentation with sculptural form. He works on everything from the domestic scale, to the very large scale. His largest sculpture to date was a 25ft high silver backed gorilla.

Sculptures by alan dun



- The Guardian
- BBC News South West
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- Book: `Immortals of British Sport: sporting history through sculpture`
- BBC Radio Jersey, and regional newspapers: Surville commemorative sculpture
- BBC online, ITV West News, and regional newspapers: Cirencester Public Art Trail

- BBC online, BBC radio, ITV news national and regional newspapers: Art at the Edge sports sculpture
- Telegraph: Royal Jubilee Lion

- BBC online, and regional papers: Emille Collins portrait
- BBC online, and regional newspapers: Art at the Edge sports sculpture

- BBC Radio and regional newspapers: Kennett and Avon bicentenary sculpture
- BBC News South West, and regional newpapers: Lions of Bath Public Art

- BBC News South West, and regional newspapers and BBC radio: Portrait of Harry Patch
- BBC News South West, ITV West and regional newpapers and BBC radio: King Bladud`s Pigs Public Art

Public Works

2003 - Sculptural owl for show garden - Chelsea Flower Show
2004 - Sculptural tree for show garden - Chelsea Flower Show
2005 to 6 - 25ft sculpture of silverback gorilla, Wookey Hole
2007 to 8 - King Bladud’s Pigs public art trail, Bath: creation of original sculpture
2009 to 10 - Lions of Bath public art trail, Bath. Creation of original sculpture
2010 - Kennet and Avon 200, Bath. Public artwork: a sculptural sundial in cast iron for British Waterways and Bath and North East Somerset Council
2011- Emille Collins portrait, St Helier. Portrait in bronze for Town Hall, States of Jersey
2012 - Royal lion, London. Public artwork Diamond Jubilee street party for Piccadilly,for the Queens Jubilee Trust
2012- Falling Leaves, Hampton Court. Relief sculpture for garden at Flower Show (Gold award) – Plumpton College
2012 - Amy Williams, MBE, Bath. Bronze figure sculpture for Bath and North East Somerset Council
2013 to 14 - Cirencester March hares festival, Public art trail, Cirencester. Creation of original sculptural hare
2014 - Memorial sculpture, Surville Cemetery, St Helier. Steel Aeolian harp : public artwork for States of Jersey

Public Acquisitions
1997 to 2014 - 16 private portrait commissions 2009 to 10 - Ivor Powell, MBE Bath. Small figure study in bronze for Bath University 2010 - portrait of 110 year old war veteran Harry Patch, now at Duke of Cornwall`s Light Infantry Museum 2011 - Sculpture and Sport: Bronze sculpture on the theme of cycling as part of an Olympic sculpture project, for Art at the Edge


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Abstract bronze sculpture columnar statue columns statue cones statue contemporary art Sculpture Geometric sculpture micro tonal Sculpture Minimalist sculpture rhythmic composition sculpture spikes Sculpture spires Sculpture bicycle sculpture bronze cycling sculpture Geometric statue Mobius Strip statue Olympics sculpture race sculpture Sports sculpture stylised cycling sculpture track cycling statue velodrome sculpture angular statue architecture sculpture conceptual sculpture dream sculpture expressionist statue fabricated bronze sculpture palace at 4 am psychological sculpture Small Bronze sculpture Surrealist sculpture abstract goddess statue archaeological statue female deity sculpture goddess figurine sculpture hieratic figurine statue hieratic statue Richer sculpture stylised deity statue stylized goddess statue bronze Portrait Hero sculptures Commemorative Portrait sculpture First World War Veteran sculpture Great War veteran bust Harry Patch bronze portraits Last fighting Tommy statue Last soldier statue Man of Peace Bust statue Military Portrait sculpture Bronze abstract Volvo sculpture Contemporary bronze Volvo sculpture Indoor Abstract Volvo Car statue Modern Humorous Volvo Car statuette Modern Stylised Car sculpture Modern Volvo Car statue small Volvo Car statue Surreal Car statue Black Crow statuettes British Bird sculptures Corvid study sculpture Crow Garden sculpture Crow statues Garden Bird sculptures Inquisitive Crow sculpture Life Size Crow sculpture Out Door Crow statues Standing Outside Crow statues Yard Crow sculpture bronze resin Rhino sculpture Durer Inspired Rhino sculpture Endangered Animal sculpture Indoor Rhino statuette Little Durer Rhino statues Little Indoor Rhino statue Small Durer Rhino sculpture Small Indoor Rhino sculpture small Resin Rhino sculptures