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Agnes Nagy sculptures Wild Life with a flair and energy which is very exciting

My animal sculptures have a symbolic meaning, they express human characteristics, of our conscious selves, as well as of our unconscious instincts. They embody power, dynamism, and meekness, but are also reflections of the soul and expressions of faith.

Sculptures by agnes nagy



Ágnes Nagy - Budapest, 30 June 1973
Before attending the art high-school, I studied in the Art Primary School on Illatos street, where I majored in ceramic molding in 1990. In parallel with the vocational school, I attended the Medgyessy Ferenc sculpting workshop, led by the sculptor Gábor Szabó, grandson of the painter Móricz Gábor. He signed me up for scholarships and presented my work at various exhibitions (e.g.: Budapest Biannual for Students (award winner) ; Budapest Gallery; 20 year anniversary exhibition of the Medgyessy Ferenc sculpting workshop).

With early enrollment approved by the director, I pursued my full-time studies in the Secondary School of Visual Arts. Meanwhile, every Saturday afternoon, I sketched in Gábor Szabó`s studio together with his students, in the art camp on Százados street. In 1993, I attended a large-scale ceramics symposium in Berlin. As a culmination of the time spent and work done here, we exhibited my raku work and various experimental pieces created there and home, at prestigious shows (Berlin Kaulsdorf Gallery, Berlin Mahlsdorf open-air symposium exhibition).

In 1994, I graduated from the Secondary School of Visual Arts and passed an exam in leather craftsmanship.
My career was put to a halt when I started a family. The decade and a half passed since graduation was a period of path-finding for me. I was almost completely torn away from my vocation, took on many new things, albeit I did receive commissions for small sculptured pieces and plaquette design (Jubilee Conference of DDGÁZ Székesfehérvár - 250 pieces of small sculptured pieces, Convention on Obstetrical and Gynaecological Prevention 2001 - 150 pieces of plaquettes), and I completed several bronze sculptures at that time, too.

By the end of the 2000s, I felt an urge to turn back to art and I rediscovered the importance of my vocation in my life. In the spring of 2008, in connection with the program series of the Renaissance year, I created my first large ceramic sculpture based on Dürer`s Rhinoceros, for a ceramics exhibition.

My animal sculptures have a symbolic meaning, they express human characteristics, of our conscious selves, as well as of our unconscious instincts. They embody power, dynamism, and meekness, but are also reflections of the soul and expressions of faith.

• Association of Hungarian Creative Artists - 2013
• Hungarian Sculptors Society - 2014


"Ágnes Nagy`s animal sculptures built and figured from fireclay are special and uniquely expressive pieces of work. Perhaps they are reminiscent of the steps of Nepalese temples or even the large stone sculptures of Beijing processions and Ming Tombs.

While being realistic, they have transubstantiating and symbolic functions. They are completely unique in their expressivity here at home."

Gábor Szabó – sculptor, Budapest, 2013


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