Abbey Evans

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Mediums Used

Abbey Evans is a truly remarkable self taught artist producing one off fine bird sculptures using his highly skilled metal craft techniques from a career of repairing aircraft. After a life long passion for wood carving, willow sculpture and nature, the natural progression into metals particularly old copper, has produced a marvelous collection of fine bird sculptures.

The passing years have been instrumental in my realisation of the highly satisfying experience gained from creating objects of art.

Sculptures by Abbey Evans



After spending many years as a highly skilled aircraft engineer, Abbey Evans is now a full-time sculptor having previously worked in wood and willow. He lives on the River Brit at West Bay and is inspired by the many waterfowl in his view and a lifetime of wildlife knowledge.
He can adapt the techniques he used with repairing and finely tuning helicopters to the metal sculptures that he produces today.

His pieces are hand crafted from old copper with the uniquely natural green verdigris finish, to enhance the subject with colour. They are mounted on granite and suitable for displaying indoors or out, whichever desired.


Abbey Evans lived for two years in Borneo viewing much art produced by the jungle Iban tribe.
Lived for eight years in the Middle East, Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, viewing Arabic art.
Lived for eight years in Greece. studied with Rhea Cotsis and Ivan who truly embedded the seed for sculpting.