AD Tree Pirate

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Sculptures by AD Tree Pirate


AD Tree Pirate, aka 'Captain Chainsaw' was the first of the famous Tree Pirates to go solo. He is best known for his huge chainsaw sculptures exhibited at the Glastonbury festival, England. Where he built an enormous Tree Ent (from Lord of the rings) kneeling on a car and famously, a huge scorpion suspended from a wooden frame of tree trunks.

"Wood spirit captured my heart back in 1992. Love of motorbikes lead to being seduced by the chainsaw. Living in the woods bought a Forestry NVQ and a chainsaw certificate....".

Immediately The Captain realised there must be a more constructive use for this tool than clear felling. Cutting wood up and not trees down is a Tree Pirates primary mission.

In the last 25 years Captain Chainsaw has made over 1000 chainsaw sculptures and chairs and other funky furniture from waste wood.
After crewing on 2 tours in the British Isles with circus Archaos the chance came to live the life of a fire juggling/street performer/show off!

Audiences from La Rambla, Barcelona to the Avalon Fields, Glastonbury have been amazed by his feats of flame and danger.

Captain Chainsaw introduced chainsaw sculpture to a small group of Tree Pirates in Bridies yard Glastonbury in 1998, the rest is history.