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These Iridescent Sculptural Abstract Butterflies for Outside Outdoors in the Garden or Yard, or Inside, Indoors in the home Hung on a Wall or Hung from a Tree to sway in the wind, they are Beautifully Crafted and appeared at the Hampton Court Flower show 2008.
Lynn Mahoney catches the subtleties and nuances of her subjects with unerring accuracy, as she does with all her highly successful animal, bird and wild life sculptures in this particularly difficult medium of copper.
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Artist Comment

these are great placed in groups of differing heights for a wonderful focal point for your garden and are constantly changing in different weather conditions and as they age.
x 40cm
x 200cm
x width
x height

Sculptural Copper Butterfly (Garden Yard Big statue)

by Lynn Mahoney

x 40cm
x 200cm
x width
x height


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  • The ArtParkS Guarentee

    All the sculptures on the website are described by the Artists themselves stating the materiel they are made from and their dimensions. If they are stated to be suitable for outdoors they have a guarentee of 10 years subject to the effects of weathering which will alter their colour and finish over the years unless you give them  regular cleaning and maintenance. For instance Bronze and to a lesser extent bronze resin/cold cast bronze will aquire a green patina, usually rather sought after and all could attract moss  lichen and a greeny pollen especially under trees which should be removed regularly with warm water and washing up liquid.
    Iron and steel will oxidise(rust ) and this falls outside our guarentee.
    Organic materiel like wood, bark willow is variable and depends to a great extent on where it is sited and you should discuss any guarentee direct with the Artist as this too falls outside our Guarentee.

  • How does ArtParkS protect you?

    From the moment you place an order and pay ArtParkS you are protected, because half is immediately used to pay the Artists deposit and the other half is retained till the sculpture is delivered safely’.
    Insurance in transit should be arranged with the artist prior to ordering.

  • Why buy on ArtParkS?

    When you choose a Work of Art from ArtParkS you have the confidence that the work has been selected by ArtParkS’s selectors and will be despatched direct from the Artist‘s studio or Foundry only after it has been scrutinised by their quality control process.

  • How do i buy?

    You can either talk or correspond with Peter at ArtParkS prior to ordering or just click on the buy now button and follow the instructions adding in the delivery charge unless the Artist is offering it free.

    Payment can be made by Direct Debit, cheque, via  credit or debit card, or Paypal though we try and avoid the latter because we have to forward the 5% they charge us on to you.

  • Where can I have my order delivered?

    Your Sculpture can be delivered wherever a delivery vehicle can gain access anywhere in the world. For special situations contact Peter on peter@artparks.co.uk or +44(0)1481 235571.  

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