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Beautifully Carved Sailors` Guardian Angel Sculpture. Carved Wood Sailors,Guardian Angel Or Sailing Boat/Ship/Galleon/Yacht Wall Plaque. Bas/Low Relief sculpture statue panel Plaque for Sale.
By the remarkable Sculptress Martina Netikova, whose following spreads way beyond her native Bulgaria.She simply describes………
this Piece of Modern Treen Ware…. “The woman holding a ship represents a guardian angel or a water nymph who is taking care of the boats and people on the waters during the centuries.

Artist Comment

I was inspired by the BBC documentary "The Newport Ship" while working on the sketch for the International Sculpture Symposium in Caerleon in 2007. The theme was "The River Usk". Museum in Newport in south Wales owns an original model for this piece. The human size sculpture made at Symposium is owned by the city of Caerleon /South Wales/ and is also exhibited on public site.
x 30cm
x 53cm
x width
x height

Haven (Carved Sailors Angel Sailing Ship sculpture)

by Martina Netikova

Edition: 1

x 30cm
x 53cm
x width
x height
This was snapped up pretty quickly as you would imagine; however if you would like to discuss a variation in size, shape or materiel with the artist click on ‘Contact Artist’ to be put it touch direct.
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