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There is a hidden relationship of proportion between all living things. The chambers of a nautilus shell have the same patterns of proportion as the veins in a fig leaf or the fingers on your hands. This phenomenon has been called the Golden Mean; the Golden Rectangle and the Golden Spiral. Since the times of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as many other older civilizations, it has been the foundation of proportions for classical architecture and sculpture. This sculpture is a reflection of the relationship of proportions between the human form and classical architecture.

The viewer will see a man, floating in what appears to be
simultaneously a still body of water and the capital of a column. He is gazing, meditating upon the surface of the water. His arms are outstretched and the profiles of his face, hair, shoulders, arms and hands are well defined against the sky. His hands dip below the water and align with the Ionic spirals at the edges of the sculpture. Here, the man and the architecture are one, creating a synthesis in form between a living person and the architecture he designs and builds as a reflection of his form, which he then leaves for future generations to explore and understand.

And there is another hand which emerges from the water and holds the back of the man`s head in a firm grip. For all the creativity, consideration and hard work artists brings to their art and architecture, there are almost always other forces, distractions and demons that challenge the artist and must be met.

When you consider that marble is metamorphosed limestone which was created by the sedimentary deposits of sea life hundreds of millions of years ago, you realize that this connection between the human form, marble sculpture and architecture and the nautilus shell, or the golden spiral is poetic to say the least

Artist Comment

I carved this sculpture was carved during the 2nd annual Heykel Kolonisi symposium in Denisli, Turkey during the summer of 2012
x 74cm
x 72cm
x width
x height

Golden Spiral

by Edward Fleming
x 74cm
x 72cm
x width
x height
This was snapped up pretty quickly as you would imagine; however if you would like to discuss a variation in size, shape or materiel with the artist click on ‘Contact Artist’ to be put it touch direct.
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