Sculptors Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Sculptors Exhibiting at Sausmarez Manor ArtPark, Sausmarez Road, St Martin, Guernsey, C.I., GY4 6SG

ArtParks International will:

  1. Cover the insurance whilst the items are on exhibition at Sausmarez Manor.
  2. The ArtPark will site the piece/s for best effect, though the Artists can discuss changes with the proprietor where practical.

The Artist or Agent will:

  1. Ensure the delivery of the work in suitable packaging as instructed. (Please do not use loose polystyrene)
  2. Supply a list of work to be exhibited, stating prices to ArtParks, but not including commission or VAT/TVA, along with any available photos/transparencies for publicity purposes.
  3. It is the Artist or Artist’s Agent responsibility to organize and pay for the return of sculptures and insure whilst in transit to and from the site.
  4. ArtParks cannot store packaging.


  1. ArtParks to be appointed as the Sole Agency for all the Channel Islands (including Alderney, Brecqhou, Guernsey, Herm, Jersey, Sark). This applies to any client introduced or sold to by ArtParks, for 5 years from the delivery of the piece anywhere.

Dispatch of sold items:

  1. The ArtPark will arrange delivery at the customer’s expense of one offs and last of an edition if they are on display at the ArtPark. However Artists will be expected to quote for delivery of editions and commissions, again at the buyer’s expense. This should include insurance costs. (Unless the client is persuaded to put the work on their own household policy, artists are advised to get this last condition in writing from the client)

Certificates of Authenticity:

  1. Certificates should be dispatched to Artparks International Limited for onwards transmission, these should include details of the edition number, name of the sculpture and material, name of artist and can include other details such as date of original cast/sale, background information, etc

Catalogue Entry:

  1. The organizers will send a brief description of Artists and their work along with the price. This proof should be amended or approved and returned immediately otherwise it will be deemed correct for the catalogue.


  1. Commission will be charged 40% of the retail price and will be added to the Artists price before VAT/TVA. A commission of 20% payable to ArtParks will be due on works commissioned by our clients resulting from an introduction by us whilst we are agents for you in the Channel Islands or elsewhere. This includes if you deal directly with the client on further commissions or sales, after the initial introduction to our client for 5 years.
  2. The same work showing on, and found on Artparks website will also be charged at 20% including any commission pieces.


  1. Photographs, images or JPGs supplied may be used by ArtParks for reproduction, publicity and any other purpose.

Press Relations:

  1. If the Artist issues press releases or places advertisements, it is expected that they mention
  2. A press release will be sent for the artist to distribute to their local media and this should be done immediately with a photo of the artist or a sculpture or both.

Press Relations:

  1. There is no entry fee.


  1. Pieces can be placed on our comprehensive and much visited website. They do not necessarily have to be on display in the ArtPark.
  2. Go to and click on “Artists Area” to add your work to the website


  1. It is the responsibility of the Artist or their Agents to arrange delivery in the time stated for the exhibition. Either for the Annual container from Portsmouth or by arrangement.

Promotional Activities:

  1. ArtParkS International will get as much publicity as it can, and may use your illustrations. Please ensure to supply your portfolios and promotional material for press releases by email.


  1. ArtParks are staunchly against giving discounts; however occasionally there is unavoidable pressure, especially when there are several pieces involved by several Artists or by the same artists. Artparks reserve the right to give up to 10% discount off the overall price. This means both ArtParks and the artist share this in proportion of normal 60/40. This is only done when in judgment of Artparks there could be a loss of sale.