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Wendy Bristow is a Sculptor and Artist specialising in stone carving and clay modelling.

As well as creating my own pieces, I undertake commissions. Head and figure portraits are first created in clay, and then can be fired and glazed or cast in bronze. If you are interested in commissioning a piece Click on “contact the Artist” below

Wendy Bristow`s Personal Statement
I love the idea of combining materials, for example wood and stone, and my style has a tendency to texture which I use to add life to a piece. I enjoy using art as an avenue through which I can `convey a message` and if I can find a degree of functional use for a piece, the idea that someone could buy a piece of artwork that they love and be able to use it as well is only for the better.”

I love working with clay for its pliable nature and the speed at which something can be created and completed compared to stone. On the other hand, the concept of carving something unique and meaningful from a stone millions of years old seems quite remarkable.”

Sculptures by wendy bristow



Wendy Bristow`s Biography
When I left school I attended Plymouth College of Art to do a Foundation Course and on completion was unsure what direction to take. It seemed important that I taste a little of life’s reality before launching in to creating artistic representations of the world around me. Over 20 years later, whilst working as a Nursing Sister I was given the opportunity to return to my artistic pursuits by the NHS unwittingly when as part of a reconfiguration process in 2006, it became clear to me that I did not wish to be reconfigured within the philosophy of health care at that time.

I took up life drawing; clay modelling; silversmithing and a little later stone carving, which all helped to unearth and renew my artistic vision. I loved the idea of combining materials and stone carving in particular seemed to be the avenue through which I could ‘convey a message’ whilst sometimes providing a degree of functional use to a piece. Furthermore, the concept of carving something unique and meaningful from a stone millions of years old seems quite remarkable.

It has been fascinating to rediscover my creative brain and to learn stonemasonry techniques via various courses run by Maria. I now have stone carving qualifications in ABC Levels 1 and 2; OCNW Level 1; Ascentis Level 2 in Architectural Detail and Ascentis Levels 1 and 2 in Sculpture (Wood, Stone and Clay).

In addition, I have nearly completed a 2 year post-graduate course in Integrative Medicine that incorporates the positive value of elements such as creativity on our health, happiness and well-being. All in all I feel I have gone full circle learning the significance of integrating my love of the arts with a world too readily monopolised by science.


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