veda hallowes

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Mediums Used

Veda Hallowes works mainly in bronze, drawing inspiration from natural forms; fruits, seeds, birds and butterflies.
Her present focus is a response to COVID and shielding during lockdown.
We are lucky to get another edition of her most famous work Liberty.

For me, my art is about enhancement and the exploration which comes from freeing the imagination.
There is so much ugliness in the world, alongside the beauty and wonder that I need to make my small contribution a positive and enriching experience.

Sculptures by veda hallowes



Veda Hallowes was born and brought up in South Africa, Veda began her working life as a nurse. Having reached the top of her career, she resigned to study first, music, and then ceramics. She moved to England in 1971, and attended art, ceramics, Chinese painting and sculpture courses 1971 to 2000, while bringing up a family and working as a sculptor, and porcelain potter.

By 1996 her work was almost exclusively sculptural and moving away from figurative pieces. Instead, drawing inspiration from softly rounded fruits and their intimation of fertility and association with the female figure, her work consisted of "Fruits" ranging in size from 10 to 70cms.

Currently she focuses on her response to COVID, using fruits and seeds to depict changing states of being. She works primarily in bronze with wonderful and unusual patinas, though sometimes she works in other media.

The object of Veda`s spill pieces is to engage the imagination - for the viewer to become creator, and delight in the impossible and fantastical.


Natural forms, fruits, birds, seeds.

Her response to lockdown and COVID is to construct works depicting our new reality through the medium of anthropomorphic fruits.

In addition, the engaging process of seeing the fantastical and fun in the accidental falling of hot metal onto cold sand, and then manipulating these pieces, changing their form and composition and the construction of a totally different experience.

Public Works

Liberty - Charing Cross Hospital - London

She undertakes commissions.

Teaching Experience
Ceramics and sculpture teacher 1979 - 2009.
Public Acquisitions
Co founder of Kaleidoscope Arts 1993. Kaleidoscope Arts pop up gallery was founded in 1993, but since 2000 has had a singular focus on high quality sculpture in bronze, pure silver, wood and stone. There is a wide range of work from large outdoor sculptures to small hand held pieces. Kaleidoscope Arts shows at various national and international art fairs.


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