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Ulisses Santiago is an Artist, Writer, and Creative Director born in Brooklyn, New York, currently living in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is engaged in Ceramic Sculptures, Painting, Advertising and Video Production. He searches in his art the metaphysical zeitgeist in the human condition and its connection to the power of Nature. He creates Ceramic Sculptures, Abstract Landscapes Wall Reliefs, Abstract Art, Ink art, Post-modern figurative, Digital and Mixed media.

Sculptures by ulisses santiago



Ulisses Santiago is an Artist, Writer and Advertising Creative Director born in Brooklyn, New York currently living in Puerto Rico. He was Artistic Director of a Theater Company, Creative Director of International AD Agencies (Y&R, BBDO) and works as a Ceramic Artist and Creative Director Creating Sculptures, Paintings, Advertising, TV, Film and Video Content.


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abstract ceramic Neptune sculpture Contemporary Poseidon statuettes contemporary Sea God ceramic sculptures Little Sea God sculpture Minimalist ceramic Poseidon sculptures Small Neptune statuette Small Poseidon statuettes Stylised Poseidon statuettes Contemporary Ceramic Poet`s Head sculpture Little Man`s Head statue Little Minimalist Modern Poet sculpture Miniature Poet`s Head statuette Modern Abstract Ceramic sculpture Poet statuette Small Contemporary Poet`s Head statue Small Man`s Head statue Ceramic Tenacity statuettes Determination Abstract ceramic sculptures Determination Abstract sculpture handmade original sculpture Stubborn Personified statues Tenacious Contemporary ceramic sculpture Tenacity Personified sculpture Tenacity statuette abstract ceramic Monk sculpture Caricature Fun Monk sculpture Contemporary Ceramic Cartoon monk sculpture Contemporary statues Fun Ceramic Monk in Wind statuette Fun Monk In Wind statuettes Minimalist Clay Monk sculpture Modern Amusing Monk Sculpture Abstract Ceramic Vessel Contemporary Ceramic sculpture Contemporary Interior Abstract statues Minimalist Sepia Interior statuette Minimalist Spiritual art Modern Ceramic arts sculpture Modern Contemporary Indoor statuette Pale Sepia Ceramic statuette Abstract Ceramic sculptures Abstract Minimalist Face sculptures Caricature Byron Bust Head statuettes Contemporary Ceramic Caricature statuettes Literary Figure Caricature sculpture Lord Byron Cartoon Sculpture Modern Cartoon Portrait Byron sculpture Abstract Ceramic Art Abstract Ceramic Sculpture Abstract Hitchcock Caricature statuette Contemporary Alfred Hitchcock Caricature statues Minimalist Hitchcock Caricature sculpture Surrealist Alfred Hitchcock ceramic vase Abstract Musicial Sculptures abstract opera sculpture Classical sculpture Clay sculpture contemporary ceramic art Fired Ceramic Sculpture Indoor Musical statue minimalist sculpture art modern ceramic sculptures Opera Singer Abstract Abbot Ceramic Sculpture Contemporary Abstract Abbot statuette Contemporary Abstract Monk sculpture Little Abbot statuettes Little Minimalist Abbot statue Minimalist Monk Indoor Art sculpture Post-Modern Figurative Sculpture Small Monk statue Abstract Man`s Head statue Abstract Minimalist Head statue Ceramic Face Shaped Vessel Collectors Art Face sculpture Contemporary Man`s Face sculpture Indoor Face statuette Minimalist Face sculpture Minimalist Face statuette Abstract Ceramic Male Sculptures Abstract Little Thinker statues Clay Abstract Kneeling Man statues Contemporary Minimalist Thinker Sculpture Modern Minimalist Thinker statues Small Contemporary Thinking Man statue Surrealist Modern Thinker Sculpture