thormod morrisson

This artist accepts commissions

Mediums Used

Traditional woodcarver specialising in Celtic and Norse mythology.

Sculptures by thormod morrisson


Thormod Morrisson is a traditional woodcarver, using hand tools such as knife, axe, mallet, chisels and gouges in the main. His influences include Norse, Pictish, Celtic and Far Eastern art. He has studied the old myths, legends and folklore, and runes for over 20 years. This, as well as his love for the natural world, is reflected in his work. His interest in Celtic and Viking history and mythology has been a constant one.
Thormod aims to achieve an ancient rustic look to his works, especially those of a Celtic and Norse mythological nature, for greater authenticity.
His Norse Scottish clan originally held the hereditary post of logsogumaðr or breitheamh (lawman) to the Lords of the Isles. Thormod is based in Fife, Scotland.


Celtic art - La Tene. Pictish art - symbol stones. Viking art - Norse woodcarving. Japanese art - Zen.


"I recently purchased both a set of runes and a specially commissioned statue of Odin from Thor`s Hammer Woodcraft. My best expectations as to the quality and attention to detail were exceeded. Thormod worked with me to get both the runes and the statue just as I wanted them; both are unique, one-of-a kind pieces that I`ll have and enjoy for the rest of my life. In fact, the quality of his workmanship is such that it`s entirely likely that my purchases will last longer than I will! My order was carried out expeditiously and arrived securely and safely packaged. In short, I don`t see how a buyer could go wrong ordering anything from Thor`s Hammer Woodcraft. At a time when the world seems to be sinking from the weight of so much mass-produced plastic manufactured junk, it does one`s heart good to know that tradition and quality still exist, and at a reasonable price. Thank you so much!"

Randy Meeks, Western South Dakota USA.