Thomas Joynes creates 3-D designs and sculptures using bronze, stainless steel, copper, resin composites and carbon fibre as his preferred materials of choice. Abstract in nature, these forms are concerned primarily with aesthetics and are influenced by organic, natural forms. Mainly undertaking private, corporate and public commissions, Thomas is happy to tackle any scale or budget.

“A passion for creating purely aesthetic, form based sculpture that responds to aesthetics within nature has led me to understand that the stunningly beautiful yet often simple laws that nature follow, result in what could most closely be described as perfection within our environment. Synonymous with natural `aesthetic perfection`, the Golden Mean, or Fibonacci sequence is fundamentally just a simple ratio of 1.681, known as PHI.

By exploring and beginning to understand such naturally occurring principles, I strive to create similar inspirational 3-D formations around my own desire and designs. A simple methodology that combines these principles with contemporary materials, processes and technology sets a strong foundation for developing and creating highly aesthetic contemporary forms. These creations are abstract in nature and comment on what is recognisable throughout `the everyday` with the intention of making their audience spend time contemplating `the recognised` and `the obscure`. I hope that in creating this sensation more time will be taken to appreciate the context and surrounding of the object as well as its` own intrinsic values.

Sculptures by thomas joynes



Born and raised in rural Essex, Thomas attended school and college in Braintree until the age of 21. At college a passion to create 3-D works of art was unearthed and cultured whilst undertaking a GNVQ in Art and Design and a Foundation Diploma in Art.

Following a desire to develop this passion and skill in higher education, Thomas moved to Norwich in 2002 where he enrolled on the Visual Studies course at the Norwich School Of Art and Design. At the end of the three year course, he exhibited in the Burgh Apton Sculpture trail and received an award for ‘The Best Newcomer’ to the exhibition. This award acted as a catalyst, leading Thomas to begin a creative enterprise, designing and making 3-D works of art and design.

In 2006, teaming up with NUCA class mate Adam Paddon whom harboured similar creative ambitions, together they started a company called JoyPad. This was a creative partnership based in Surrey where they both lived and worked at the time, aiming to produce works of art and design to exhibit and have commissioned by private, public and corporate clients.

Successes included shows at RHS Hampton Court and Chelsea Flower Shows, Grand Designs Live NEC and having had a number of works auctioned by Sotheby’s. In 2010 Thomas and Adam dissolved their partnership and Thomas continued his creative endeavours, seeking to make new, challenging and exciting sculptures. Now based in Norwich, he is working full time as a sculptor seeking to develop his reputation and ‘carve’ a successful career for himself. Commissions undertaken to date include a number of building companies, architects, local authorities and private clients, with commissions of up to £37,000 received.


Having been influenced throughout college and university by sculptors such as Gabo, Arp, Brancusi, Moore and Hepworth whom inspired me to create and experiment with semi-figurative and abstract aesthetic forms with beautiful flowing lines and curves. More contemporary influences include sculptors such as Tony Cragg, Antony Gormley, Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor, William Pye and also Angela Conner whom I worked as assistant to and gained much experience from. I now aspire to develop work with similar qualities as these sculptors, using top quality materials and cutting edge technology to produce truly inspirational, adventurous and imaginative forms. In striving to create such work, I hope to be able to undertake extremely ambitious, exciting commissions and exhibitions in my forthcoming career.

I am now happy to add that I have recently had work included in a forthcoming publication, where examples of my sculptures are included alongside Tony Cragg and Angela Conner. Details of this to follow.

Public Works

June 2012. Selected to undertake a public sculpture commission for the Wyre Forest District Council’s new head office building, with a budget of £3,600.

Jan 2014. `Change In Time`, sculptural sundial for new housing development, Kings Road, Chelmsford, Essex.

Sept 2011. Public sculpture commission, Stonehouse Community Facility, Scotland.

March 2007. Public sculpture commission for work titled `Galaxy` to go in the science curriculum garden, at The John Hunt of Everest Community College, Hampshire.

Teaching Experience
I have undertaken several workshops in conjunction with public commissions undertaken that involved community involvement and input.
Public Acquisitions
Sept 2013 Sculpture ‘Singularity’ selected for long-term rental in prestigious new offices for A.T Kearney LTD, Landsdown House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London. May 2012 Commissioned by Liverpool’s Edge Hill University to create two permanent works for an art trail within the campus grounds. Oct 2011. One sculpture included in Sotheby`s - `Garden, Statuary and Fossil Decoration` auction at Summers Place, Billingshurst May 2011. One sculpture included in Sotheby`s - `Garden, Billingshurst. May 2010. One sculpture included in Sotheby`s - `Garden, Billingshurst. Oct 2009. Four sculptures included in Sotheby`s - `Garden, Billingshurst. Oct 2008. Five sculptures included in Sotheby`s - `Garden, Billingshurst. May 2008. Two sculptures included in Sotheby`s - `Garden, Billingshurst.


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