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We are very priviledged to present Teo San José Aguilar (Valladolid 1958), sculptor, painter, art therapist and writer in our garden.  

Today, Teo makes monumental abstract art; in the past he made works of wood and steel. In 2000, Teo was elected to participate in the Biennial Exhibition in Florence and the international press wrote enthusiastically about his work. He subsequently received an invitation to represent Spain in the Triennial International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Paris, the only Spanish artist to participate. In the year 2006 something happened that changed Teo´s life. He participated in the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy in London, where he exhibited together with Antoni Tapies. The judges chose his ‘Firebird’ as one of the most important works of the exhibition. Thereafter he began to exhibit all over the United Kingdom, in New York and in Mexico.

The Art
Is Art the human capacity that is able to transfer the perceptions of the Soul to the senses?

My Art
One day a child told me that, for him, the sculpture that was in the center of the square represented a happy man; In that moment, I understood the responsibility of creating a public work.
I was the creator of that sculpture!
I decided to work my inner being, to create public works of art that transmit Peace and serenity; without explanations or words.

The key:
and elegance,

on the move

My Job
I do not investigate
I do not seek.
I feel
and I believe, I do, I build.

– Teo. San José.

Sculptures by Teo san jose



Teo San José, (Valladolid 1958) currently develops his artistic activity between the cities of Córdoba and Denia. He studied Engineering at the Universities of Valladolid and Madrid. He began his artistic development carrying out sculptural projects linked to the popular architecture, as well as developing different sculpture workshops, ceramics and artistic applications of mechanical engineering. He is related to official and self-founded programs of art and education in Spain and Mexico. His vision of art considers the subtlety of language and the synthesis of meanings as essential characteristics for an energetic and peaceful expression at the same time. Teo San José ́s work is present in public and private collections in countries such as Spain, France, Mexico, China or England.


Henry Moore, Jean Harp, Alexander Calder

Public Works

2021 "Tiempo de Curvas", Private collection, Valencia, Spain.
2020 "Open Arms", Private collection, Hollywood, USA.
2020 "Aire de Fuego", C.A.P. Ingelec, Bordeaux, France.
2017 "Estudio Portal del Viento", Valldoreix Town Hall, San Cugat, Barcelona, Spain.
2017 "The Whale's Leap", Klein-Schereuder Foundation. WHERE?
2016 "Portal del viento", Port of Denia, Alicante, Spain.
2013 "Portal of Serenity", Zibata, Mexico.
2010 "Nave de fuego 19", Spanish Institute of London, Cañada Blanca Foundation, Portobello Road, London, United Kingdom.
2007 "Velero CEDMA", Symbol of the CEDMA association, Spain.
2004 "Greek Sailboat" in the lobby of the Hotel Daniya, Denia, Spain.
2003 "M.Y.S. VIII. (5 x 1 x 1m) Social Centre of the City of Denia, Denia Town Hall, Alicante, Spain.
2002 "La Infancia" commissioned by the City Council of Cholet, exhibited at the "Centre Espace Saint Louis", City Council of Cholet, France.

Teaching Experience
1994 Started the Sculpture Academy in Denia. Spain. 1994 - 2009. Professor of Sculpture at the Sculpture Academy in Denia. 1989 Professor of plastic arts for the Inserso. Valladolid. Spain 1989 Professor of Sculpture of the Institute Carlos V. Valladolid.


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