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Tabitha Sheen Davis` sculpture reflects an intense relationship between the artist and the material with which she is working. This relationship is based on her reactions and responses to the material, the marks she makes in it, and her own ideas and inspirations. She says that she continues to learn about herself and her materials as the relationship progresses. Every piece Tabitha creates is an experiment. She is never sure of exactly what she is going to do, or how it will change her or her work. She never knows, at the beginning of the process, what her finished piece will look like.

Tabitha works with many different materials, but the things which attract her to each, and the final sculptures are all closely related. For Tabitha, art is an intensification of nature. She views her art as the process of taking from a natural object, the qualities which seem most beautiful to her, and expanding those qualities to create a sculpture or painting. The theme of nature in Tabitha`s work is not truly a conscious goal for her. She feels it to be more of an intuitive outcome of everything she creates.

Tabitha Sheen Davis feels that nature creates objects of such complexity, originality, and beauty, that the human mind is at a loss to compete. Her amazement and wonder in the face of these creations is the reason behind her focus on nature in her work. Tabitha is highly interested in the shapes and textures of organic matter such as fossils, shells, and bones. The force of life and growth in animals and plants fascinates her. Landscapes such as mountains and forests are also a common subject of her art. Tabitha`s sculptures and paintings are abstracted from these natural objects in her efforts to find and portray what seems to her to be the most central and vital part of her subject.

Like the subject matter of her work, the materials that Tabitha uses in her sculptures and paintings are natural. Each element, stone, water, fiber, or clay, has a beauty of its own before she ever begins to manipulate it. Tabitha tries to integrate her impressions of the most beautiful qualities of each material with the effects of natural weathering and a manual process of sculpting that material. Her sculptures become a collaboration between the artist and the natural world.

Sculptures by tabitha sheehn davis



I am a multi-media artist. I enjoy photography, painting, and especially sculpture. I often combine these mediums in my work. I believe that my love of sculptural forms is apparent in everything I create.

I was born in Gainesville, Florida, USA, and spent most of my life in Ohio, but traveled quite a bit as a child. I always enjoyed creating art, and decided to pursue an education and career in fine art after winning awards in various local and state art shows in Ohio. I attended The Columbus College of Art and Design, in Columbus, Ohio, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor`s degree in Fine Arts in 1998. After graduating, I spent a few years exploring possibilities in web design and doing interior and landscape design. During this time I worked at creating and marketing my sculptures and paintings, and participated in a number of shows in different media.

I visited San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the first time in order to take an intensive Spanish language course. I fell in love with the town, and decided to attend Instituto Allende, where I acquired a Master`s degree in Fine Arts in 2007. During my time in Mexico, I have participated in a number of shows with different media, including photography, here in San Miguel, as well as in the United States. Since my graduation, I have also been teaching art as a professor at Instituto Allende as well as on a freelance basis

Teaching Experience
Professor of Art at Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 2007 - 2013


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