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Sue Riley was born in London. In 1971 she graduated from Portsmouth College of Art with a first class Honours degree in Fine Art. Her sculptures in Clay, Plaster, Bronze and Bronze Resin as well as other media, are frequently based on the female form, often inspired by the ballet with its movement and flow and its exhilarations and its exhaustions. They have been described as `Fleeting glimpses` capturing the essence of the feminine.

Sue Riley is an artist and teacher of Design and Technology who lives and works in London. Her artistic practice encompasses painting, photography, video and sculpture. The medium of red and green florescent perspex has been her primary source of material used in her B. A. Hons Fine Art Degree shows. She uses Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator with laser technology to engrave and cut said material to create sculptures and transform found images and her photographic research into succulent, lush, translucent sculptures and plastic canvases to display her neoclassical images. Where these images catch the light, they often deceive the viewer and support the opulence of historical and consumer themes.
These primary themes stem from childhood fascinations of beautiful and dilapidated gravestones, concrete sculptures and mausoleums; the aesthetics and structure of buildings, young and old; observations of the materialistic compulsions of society and an obsession with the beautiful and kitsch. These themes have stimulated the artist`s senses with colour, texture and form and all posses the power to inform, transform and express paradoxical themes through their creation and deterioration.
Her work has taken inspiration from artists such as Naum Gabo, Sarah Baker and Jeff Koons. Whose themes reflect consumerism, lifestyles, humour and architectural perspectives that Sue hopes to express within her work

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Sue Riley was born in London, in 1971 she graduated from Portsmouth College of Art with a first class Honours degree in Fine Art, and now works from her studio in West Norfolk

Teaching Experience
1997 - Access to Teaching, Bromley College
Public Acquisitions
Collections 2000 - Site Specific commissioned Group Project, Interactice Educational Signage and Information. Woodlands Farm Trust. Shooters hill, London


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